Some people overflow with confidence naturally. While for others—well, it's just unfortunate there isn't a 5-hour Confidence drink for moments before a big exam, interview or date. If there were, they would probably be sold out all the time anyway because most people could use more confidence.

Confidence in yourself can change your mood and open up a world of opportunities.

Though you may already feel confident on the inside, here are six noticeable ways to wear your self-confidence on the outside.

1) Speak up

Shy people struggle most with this one, but when you have great opportunities on the line, you cannot speak faintly. It is not a good look when employers or other professionals must ask you to repeat every other sentence because of mumbling or low volume. If you struggle with this, leave your inside voice at home. Try speaking as if the listener is partially deaf. Then, you should be right on target. Universally, enunciating words and slowing speech if you are naturally a fast talker can improve your speech quality. Nothing says confidence like a strong voice.

2) Wear "sound" shoes

I think every person when they were little, has put on their mom's heels and walked through the house just to hear them clack against the floor. That clack made us feel important, like we were somebody. It worked then and it will work now.

Ladies, lay the flats to rest, and put on some pumps for work instead. Even a pair with a small heel can work wonders for your self-confidence. Better believe that if they can hear you coming, they see you.

This works for gentlemen, too. Chose a pair of dress shoes with thicker soles to give you audible coverage. Feel your confidence increase as you stride with pride.

3) Dress the part

Now that we have the shoes down, what about the rest? Confidence is embodied in that smile that sweeps across your face as you walk by a store window and see that the mannequins have nothing on you. Possibly the greatest confidence booster is attire. Sharp, clean attire can change your whole mood from "Don't mind me" to "Coming through!"

4) Do your homework

It makes it kind of hard to speak up if you never have any idea what you are talking about. Do your research on topics before hand, if possible, so you can voice your sound input on subjects rather than trying to piggyback on the ideas of others.

5) Be decisive

If you are anything like me and never know what you want in a restaurant, then you know what that pressure of indecisiveness feels like. Relieve yourself of that pressure by making up your mind even before you get to your destination. If you get there and become stunted, just blurt out something (within reason!). While indecisiveness at a restaurant is hardly anything reproachable, leaders in the career world are drawn to those who know exactly what they want and are confident enough to go after it.

6) Hold your head high

In a professional setting or any place you want to feel confident, you should never, ever look like like the day you've had. Hold your head up, and forget the stress at work, the fact that you just got dumped or your bad hair day. Look up as you walk, instead of down or away, and walk with a purpose. Meet people's gaze, and maybe even smile, if inclined. Doing so will leave you feeling much more firm in yourself and less likely to be intimidated by anything your day or life may throw at you.

Follow these easy steps and watch the confidence radiate off you.