Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year, especially in Athens. With the block party, everyone loves to come out and put their best foot forward with their costumes. Personally, I love seeing the different types of costumes people wear each year. However, finding a costume can be tricky, especially when you're injured. This year, I will be participating in HallOUween with a broken foot and a boot. So, why not construct a list of costume ideas for the injured. Here it goes:

For Foot and Leg Injuries:

1. Pirate with a Peg Leg:

If you have a cast or a boot on one of your legs/feet, why not wrap it up to look like a peg leg? Either find an ACE bandage or two, brown wrapping paper, or even brown duct tape to wrap around the cast or boot and voila! You have a peg leg ready to roll! Have a significant other or BFF? Have them dress as the parrot that perches on your shoulder!

2. Frankenstein Gone Wrong:

With this costume, you should probably go out with a partner, so if you want to grab a friend or a significant other to dress up like Dr. Frankenstein, definitely do so. Just paint yourself green and put on a Frankenstein like costume, and when people ask, you are Frankenstein with a malfunction because the Doctor did something wrong. Kind of far fetched, but if done right, it could be pretty cool!

3. Transformer:

Transformers have boxy, boot-like legs and feet. So, find a way to put colors on your cast or boot (again, I recommend wrapping paper or duct tape) and then construct another one to go over your shoe on your good foot/leg. Pick your favorite robot and have fun with it! Again, this could be a really cool group costume. Maybe stray away from the beer cases though...just a thought.

For Arm/Wrist Injuries:

1. Buzz Lightyear:

Buzz Lightyear has a really cool control panel on his wrist. SO, you can decorate your cast to look the same! It is a cute, quick DIY project. And if you have a friend or significant other who wants to do a costume with you, they can be the Woody to your Buzz.

2. Shark Attack Victim:

If your arm is injured and it requires that you wear a sling, you can, tastefully, create a shark attack costume. All you'll need is a big t-shirt and some fake blood. Nothing too extreme. Your arm will stay inside the shirt so it looks like your arm was bitten off. Easy, cheap, and simple to create.

3. A Boxer:

You can easily dress like a boxer with a broken wrist. You can either wear a boxing glove, or wrap your hands with tape like you are a boxer in training. You could also be a boxer who broke their hand against their last opponent...that could earn you some street cred. Channel your inner Rocky Balboa!