6 Best Food Places In Rockland County

6 Best Food Places In Rockland County

With summer approaching, everyone is always looking to try and find new food places. Living in Rockland County for over 15 years, I have come to find some of the greatest places for a quick bite, breakfast, desert, a cup of coffee, and everything in between.

1. Blu Fig, New City.

Blu Fig is definitely one of my favorite stops for lunch. They serve a combination of Greek and Italian food Before whatever your main dish may be, I highly encourage you to order the fried zucchini chips; A must have!

2. The Strawberry Place, Nyack.

Whenever my family or friends from out of town come to visit, I always have to take them to The Strawberry Place. The Nutella french toast is my favorite dish (as pictured above). From the outside of the shop, it appears as a little hole in the wall. However, it is true a cozy gem inside.

3. David's Bagels, Valley Cottage.

This bagel shop is not too far away from my job, and the only time I ever go is on my way to work. Their bagels are by far one of the best in Rockland and they have a huge selection of bagels, spreads, and coffee flavors. Nothing pairs with an everything bagel better than their caramel iced coffee.

4. Gypsy Donut, Nyack.

They have fresh donuts and great espresso to go with them. I suggest going earlier in the day, when they are first made, in order to get the true experience. Their donuts are creative including, salted caramel, cranberry sugar glazed, maple bacon, blueberry bourbon basil, peanut butter cup, and birthday cake.

5. Art Cafe, Nyack.

One of my favorite things about this cafe is the amazing hours. On the weekends they are open until 12 a.m. and on the weekdays they are open until 10 p.m. Their lattes are beautifully crafted and the food is aesthetically pleasing as well.

6. The Filling Station, Palisades.

Located on route 9W, one of the best stops for a great burger! The food is a tad pricey but most definitely worth it. If you go during the day on the weekends, you will be surrounded by bicyclists. But they just add to the atmosphere.

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7 Facts Of Life You Know If Your Life Revolves Around Food

I will love you if you buy me food, give me a gift involving food, cook me food, or if you could just be food.

If you think about it, probably a good majority of your best memories involve some sort of food. Birthday parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, football games, you name it! Food is a proven thing to bring people together for the best memories. What isn't great about food? (besides the fact that it can make you out of shape 'insert eye roll') other than that I can't really think of anything, and if you are a foodie, you'll understands these 8 things too!

1. Food is basically a person

HANGRY is a real problem for you

Yeah, you know that Snickers commercial where the hangry people need snickers to go from being the hulk to a unicorn? Try making that a full steak dinner and then we are good!

5. Money does not have a value on food

I have a difficult time paying $5 for a T-shirt on sale that’s super cute but have zero issues spending $20 worth of food... Daily.

6. You find food puns to be especially funny

1. OLIVE you so much it hurts

2. If you were a fruit you’d be a fine-apple

7. Food is definitely a gift

Rules: I will like you if you buy me food, bake me food, give me gifts that involve me getting food, or take me to get food.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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When Christmas Meets Cookies

For the bakers before us.

Among the caroling, twinkling lights, and ubiquitous scent of evergreen and pine, I begin to dream of spicy gingerbread men rising in the oven, mounds of flour flown across the kitchen countertops like the aftermath of a food fight, and the steady rhythm of the kitchen-aid as it beats a batter of butter, sugar and vanilla into the bites that will inhabit the palate with festive flavor.

This season introduced a series of inventive and delicate cookies to our recipe repertoire.

1. Hazelnut Shortbread

Recipe by Laura Kasavan

By incorporating toasted hazelnuts into the batter, this shortbread has a signature snap. Dipped in hot semi-sweet chocolate, the flavor options double into a salty-sweet combination. The topping of gold sprinkles mimics the star that sits atop the tree in an enticing finish.

2. Linzer Cookies

Recipe by Sarah Brunella

A cultural powerhouse, the Austrian Spitzbuben is a buttery shortbread sandwich injected with tart raspberry jam. It's a timeless classic found in most holiday cookie assortments despite the enormous amount of labor needed to ensure that the especially crumbly dough binds into its formable and adorable shape. A dusting of confectioner's sugar is the idyllic snow that covers the ground on a white Christmas morning.

3. Fig and Five Spice Soetkoekies

Recipe by The Daley Plate

These Afrikaans biscuits are molded by a purèe of dried fig and drizzled in a messy array of white chocolate. At first bite, they are easily mistaken for the familiar taste of gingerbread. But after a few thoughtful seconds of chewing, undertones of licorice and Chinese spice penetrate the palate--and we realize that this is something much more unique.

4. Struffoli

Recipe by Great-Grandma Marie

Written on slightly wrinkled paper in ever-fading ink, this recipe in an artifact of decades of holiday tables. As Mom and I stand for hours in the kitchen carefully rolling the dough, we feel the hands of those before us working tirelessly to carry on the tradition. It's the quintessence of pride. Doused in golden honey and shaped into a wreath, these tiny pockets of sweetness symbolize the delectable promise that comes with a new year and new beginnings.

Cover Image Credit: Gabriella Landicino

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