6 beneficial tips to enhance Spotify promotion that every music artist should know
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6 beneficial tips to enhance Spotify promotion that every music artist should know


6 beneficial tips to enhance Spotify promotion that every music artist should know

The Spotify music industry is growing faster, bigger, and more competitive every day. As a result, the music artists are in a dire need of impactful Spotify promotion.

Lots of musicians are uploading music every day on Spotify to pave their musical careers ahead. It is currently the most influential music platform with more than 200 million active users. With a huge listener base on the platform, every kind of music artist whether a rapper, singer, music composer, or record label owner; everyone is able to grow fruitfully.

However, gaining relevant listeners is a daunting task since the competition is too high. The music artists on this platform are struggling to gain a loyal fan base, especially emerging ones. Most of them are looking for an authentic Spotify promotion service that can help them to gain more exposure. But, before seeking professional help; there are a few things an artist should keep in mind.

If you are a music artist yourself, check out these elements that help to grow more with a better promotional approach.

  • Get Verified

In today’s age and technology, almost every other person can open an account on Spotify and claim themselves to be a professional music artist even when they are not. That is why there is a verification option on Spotify that assures that the artist is genuine.

The Blue Tick beside the artist’s name is an indication that his profile is verified. This helps to churn out more authenticity and more listeners will find it more trustworthy. So, it is crucial to get verified as the first step of promotion. It helps to be part of Spotify’s algorithm that suggests verified profiles to millions of users. Thus, you are able to create brand awareness.

  • Social Media Share

It is unknown that most online users these days are mostly active on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Therefore, promotion approached through these platforms always proves to be fruitful. Share your music through social media through your profile or you can also mention the fans who are doing the same. Social media helps to generate more shares that offer organic exposure.

Nowadays, Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, etc have become quite popular where music is featured in the background. If your music can be a part of it, there is a chance to get viral.

  • Pitch the professionals

Pitching is the best way to embark on a journey of promotion . It just requires research and sending emails to the right persons at the right time. So, whom you can pitch professionally? Playlist creators, music blog submission sites, and lastly to Spotify to get featured in the editor’s pick. Pitching is the professional way to reach out to someone via email for the benefit of exposure and popularity.

There are many curated playlists offered by professional Spotify promotion websites that are comprised of a lot of active listeners. getting featured in them can help to gain a significant amount of listeners and followers as well. You can always save more time and expenses when there is an experienced music promotion agency at your side.

  • Pre-save

Pre-save campaigns are great to create a buzz on Spotify even before the track is released. The pre-save option allows the listener pre-save an upcoming track and the song will be added to the user’s music library on the date of release. Pre-save is similar to pre-order which notifies the listeners on the date of release. The more number of saves you get as an artist, the more likely you are to get featured in the Spotify Editorial Playlists which offers the maximum amount of exposure. The pre-save campaign is quite easy and offers fruitful results to music artists.

  • Use Spotify canvas

Even musical content needs some visual appearance which helps to create an impact on the listeners. Canvases do not have any audio but it is attractive footage or clip that allows gaining more attention from the listeners. It not only adds more visual aesthetics but also helps to showcase your brand. According to a recent report by Spotify, songs that contain canvases are 5% more likely to have been listened to and 145% shared by the users. It also drastically increases the chance to get featured in a playlist by 20%.

Makes sure to use only a 9:16 ratio (Vertical) and at least 720 pixels for better resolution.

  • Collaborate with other musicians

Collaboration allows getting double benefits or promotions as both the artists together can gain more exposure than usual. It also helps to get featured in more playlists when you create a playlist and feature the artist in it or vice versa happens. It is a win-win situation for both sides and the exposure is shared by both artists.

Collaboration projects are also very unique because of their rarity. An artist makes a few collaboration projects while the music collection is filled with solo projects. Collaboration projects offer some new flavors to the ears of the fans.

Lyrics are considered the heart and the soul of the track that conveys the story. There are many fans who look forward to reading the lyrics to connect with the artist through a poetic side. There are many global listeners who might like your track, however, unable to understand its meaning of it. Lyrics help fill that gap by conveying the subject matter to the listeners. The music artists on Spotify can add lyrics in English and other languages as well.

Final Take

Following these tips will automatically optimize your profile and will help to gain more traffic as well as engagement. An optimized Spotify Profile is able to gain more fruitful results through promotional campaigns. You can always find effective paid promotional services that promote your music on a whole new level. However, do not forget to follow the fore mentioned rules to enhance your promotional approach.

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