I Listened to 5SOS's New Album So You Don't Have to

I Listened to 5SOS's New Album So You Don't Have to

I thought it would be helpful to listen to all of the songs and give my review so you don't have to.


This star-studded pop rock boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer, is from Sydney, New Wales, Australia where they first began on YouTube performing covers of popular songs like Mike Posner's, "Please Don't Go" and Chris Brown's, "Next to You". Their videos reached over 600,000 views and soon after, noticed by the infamous boy band, One Direction, they were asked to be the opening to One Direction's "Take Me Home" worldwide tour. Now, Luke Hemmings (Guitarist), Calum Hood (Bassist), Michael Clifford (Guitarist), and Ashton Irwin (Drummer) are rising to the top of the Billboard charts with their newest album "Youngblood" featuring their newest singles, "Youngblood" and "Want You Back."

1. "Youngblood"

The second single on this album and it does not disappoint. As I'm writing this article, this single is 49th on the Billboards Top 100 and it's only going up from there. This song is about heartbreak and how the boys are dealing with an on and off again relationship. Don't worry, there are more breakup songs to come.

"Youngblood, say you want me, say you want me out of your life and I'm just a dead man walking tonight."

2. "Want You Back"

This single was the first of many 5SOS hits off of this album. Another song about breaking up, this one is all about still being in love with your ex and how even though they might have moved on, you still are crazy for them. Under any circumstance, you will always take them back.

"No matter where I go, I'm always gonna want you back. No matter how long you're gone, I'm always gonna want you back"

3. "Lie to Me"

This song is slower compared to most of the other songs on this album, and it's kind of giving me cheating vibes. It seems like the boys are holding on to the last bit of their relationship and trying to deny that it's over.

"And I know that you don't, but if I ask you if you love me... I hope you lie, lie to me."

4. "Valentine"

This song brings it back to the 80's. Like I can see this being a slow song played at an older high school dance. "Valentine" is all about young love and having someone to celebrate such a big occasion like Valentine's day.

"We can kill some time, stay home. Throw balloons, teddy bears and the chocolate eclairs await. Got nothing but love for you, fall more in love every day, Valentine."

5. "Talk Fast"

This song is all about living in the moment during a relationship because you won't have the same experience with another person. For the most part, young relationships don't last and so this song is just saying to appreciate all the moments you have with that partner before you sadly have to part ways.

"Talk fast, romance, won't last, I'm okay with that. Burn, crash, romance, I'll take what I can get from you."

6. "Moving Along"

"Moving Along" is the 6th track on this album and it's giving us all sad boy vibes. The boys are coping with a breakup and curious as to if their ex is going through the same thoughts about if the other is seeing new people or moving on with their lives. Even though it seems like boys move on easier than girls, this song proves otherwise.

"Have you been eating breakfast alone like me? Thinking 'bout you lots lately or are you moving along?"

7. "If Walls Could Talk"

Okay, this song is up for debate because I don't really know what vibe I'm getting from this song. How I understand it is that there is more to a story behind closed doors. Now, what I mean by that is that a relationship can look so perfect out in public, but in private it could be crumbling to pieces. With this song, I think it's the complete opposite where their relationship is doing amazing in seclusion but once they go out in public, it's like they are strangers. Again, this can be up for debate.

"If these walls could talk, I'd hope they wouldn't say anything because they've seen way too many things."

8. "Better Man"

Probably one of my favorite songs, "Better Man", this song is about finding that one special person that changes you into a better person then your reckless past. The past of pointless hookups is completely erased because you are working on being a better person for this one girl because she deserves it.

"Darling, all of my wrongs, they lead me right to me. Wrapped in your arms, I swear I'd die for your love, your love, I'm a better, better man"

9. "More"

"More" is about a failing relationship where the couple isn't clicking anymore. They seem to be out of the loop of each other and the feelings have gotten lost in the recent times. They are trying to relight the lost flame to keep the relationship from falling apart completely.

"Why does it feel like we're missing out? Like I'm standing behind the door. I just wanna get back to us 'cause we used to have more"

10. "Why Won't You Love Me"

This song is directed to the girls who have been hurt in the past by someone. The walls that were broken down from that special person have been rebuilt after heartbreak and it's harder to open up for the next person. This makes commitment to loving someone even harder.

"You imagine when you close your eyes, you're with me on the other side. So why won't you love me?"

11. "Woke Up in Japan"

This song was probably the trickiest to crack. I feel like this song is just about experiencing new things like traveling the world (a.k.a Japan) but you are missing someone who should be along for the ride with you. Traveling is 10x better when you have someone to share it with and that's what these boys are looking for.

"I woke up in Japan, feeling low, feeling lonely. The best I ever had, it was more than half empty"

12. "Empty Wallets"

The 12th track on this album is "Empty Wallets" and I am living for it. This is referring to meeting someone for the first time, maybe in a club or party scene where music is being played. With no worries in the world, you are just enjoying another person's presence and making the most of a memorable night.

"Living our lives, dancing on empty wallets. Spend it all on you."

13. "Ghost of You"

Another slow song on the album, this is about missing someone so much that it seems simple tasks can't be completed without them around. You are trying to go on with our lives even though a big chunk of your life is gone.

"So I drown it out like I always do. Dancing through our house with the ghost of you"

14. "Monsters Among Men"

"Monsters Among Men" is all about a reckless guy understanding that his girl deserves better than him. He's done hurting her over and over again and wants her to realize that she can do so much better.

"Oh no no no, I can't take it. Oh no no no, I won't break your heart again. I don't wanna be a monster among men"

15. "Meet You There"

This is without a doubt my favorite song on the album. The 15th track, "Meet You There" is about people realizing that they are going separate ways with their lives and at this moment, it's better if they're separated. BUT... if they come across each other later in life, the feelings will still be there and they can pick up where they left off.

"So you go your way and I'll go mine and if we're meant to, I'll meet you there"

16. "Babylon"

The last song on the album is called "Babylon" and it is nowhere close to being related to the Battle of Babylon in 636 AD. This song is hard rock and is referencing how if you overwork a relationship, you create a strain and you begin to start to destroy the relationship. All empires have to fall at some point.

"We burned too bright, now the fire's gone, watch it all fall down, Babylon"

Cover Image Credit:

5 Seconds of Summer - Instagram

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    57. "Baby you my everything, You all I ever wanted."

When you're single and loving it:

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    59. "Thats why I'm crowned queen, and I ain't looking for the prom king."
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    61. "I ain't never need a man, to take care of me."
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When you're just living life:

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    80. "This is my moment I just feel so alive."

Cover Image Credit: Nicki Minaj

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Artist Spotlight: Lil Skies

This is not another "Lil" rapper.


If you have not heard of Lil Skies then go on to Spotify and Apple Music and listen to his music. On the surface, he might look like your regular clout rapper. He has face tattoos, smoked weed, and raps about parties and girls, BUT his other tracks talk about his constant hustle and his dedication to his mom who constantly worked to pay their bills. In his interview with Montreality, he discusses his idol a man who was extremely tatted, but walked around like nothing and did not care about the stares he received. On the topic of the law of attraction, Lil Skies stated: "I definitely do believe in this sh-t, if you think positive about something and I feel like it will happen." He mentions manifestation and how he would speak it to the universe and it happened for him. As someone who believes in manifestation and intentions, it was nice to hear that one of my favorite rappers also believes in that and is accomplishing his goals.

Another thing that sets Lil Skies apart is that he keeps to himself on social media. He lets his actions speak for himself and he usually does not start beef with other rappers or talent. Instead, he keeps being consistent with his music by releasing music videos and collaborating with other artists like Wiz Khalifa.

In the same interview, he discusses how he is a very romantic person with significant others, but he is also trying to spoil the other women in his life like his mom, who he gave a present to on stage at one of his concerts. His fans can see how silly he is on funny moment videos about him. But he is also serious about drugs and says that he only smokes weed and does not want to fall victim like other artists.

For Lil Skies it really is all about his music and really showcasing his talent.

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