53 Times College Students Could Relate To Nick Miller
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53 Times College Students Could Relate To Nick Miller

"I started from the bottom now I'm here"

53 Times College Students Could Relate To Nick Miller

1. When your prof says it's going to be a lecture day

2. When somebody touches you and you do not want to be touched

3. When it's 2 A.M. and you're only two pages into a ten page report due at 9 A.M.

4. When you're trying to convince your family you are being productive with your life

5. When you're at a party and you see that person you want to impress

6. When profs "recommend" you come to optional class, but they really mean you better be there

7. When attendance is based on participation, and people start talking right when you were about ready to talk

8. When you couldn't make breakfast, forgot lunch, and skipped dinner but finally get that midnight snack

9. When you walk out of a final exam feeling like you crushed it

10. When your mom and dad ask you if you ever skip class

11. When your prof surprises you with a pop-quiz

12. When the bill comes from your college so you just look at your parents like

13. When it's the first day of class and your prof announces that there will be no extra credit given- EVER

14. When someone starts talking about their four-year plan and you realize you have absolutely no idea what you're doing with your own life

15. When you try and give your friend advice but they're still going to do what they want

16. When you just have to get that cute picture to post on Instagram

17. When the professor gives you a take-home test

18. When you start to miss home- especially your dog ;)

19. When your roommate asks if you ate her food

20. When someone passes you on a bike and almost hits you

21. When you're going into a final exam that is accumulative

22. When you realize how in debt you're going to be after college

23. When your favorite song comes on (even if it is quiet hours)

24. When you ask a friend to keep you accountable to your diet, and then you try to cheat

25. When you wear that certain outfit that makes you feel CONFIDENT

26. When you fail an exam you studied hours for

27. When you have that one friend of the opposite-sex you always hang out with and people assume you're dating and you're really, most definitely not

28. When you're about to have an emotional break down and people don't want to listen

29. When you reread texts messages from the night before that you have no memory of sending

30. When you really start to think about all the decisions you have to make and all the money you don't have and the bills you need to pay and how much you need to study

31. When someone slightly shows interest in a friendship

32. When you decide life is too short and you just want to have fun

33. When you pass an exam you thought you had failed

34. When your professor makes a joke in front of the entire class

35. When you wear real pants all day and finally get back to the dorm

36. When all you think about is food

37. When your mom suggests eating in the dinning court more rather than spending money on other food

38. When it hasn't been a good day and someone tells you to have a good day

39. When you're trying to bring something back in style

40. When you're working on a group project and you just have that one member that tests your patience

41. When you failed a test, only got two hours of sleep the night before, and forgot your homework

42. When you have friends that will support you... no matter what

43. When you rolled out of bed ten minutes before class so you throw on a sweatshirt, and everyone stares when you walk into class late

44. When you go to the gym and work out

45. When you get about halfway into dead week

46. When you tell your mom you're dropping out of college and she flips

47. When you think about your college debt and how it may affect your future

48. When you have worked on homework for a straight eight hours and your brain is fried

49. When you see your friend across the library

50. When your prof uses your work as an example in class

51. When you tell your parents how hard college is and they respond with "you're overreacting"

52. When your friends want you to join a club with them

53. When this is the only way you can explain the four years that college is

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