Most girls have a love/hate relationship with makeup; it's a lot of time, effort, and frustration, but we can all undeniably admit we feel a hundred times more confident when we have it on. Even though the struggle is real, the results are definitely worth it. Here are some thoughts girls have while putting on makeup.

1. OK, time for makeup — oh, gosh, do I really look like that?
2. Where did this pimple come from?
3. Oh well, that's what concealer is for... right?
4. Primer! Wait, why do I even need this?
5. I wasted $30 on a bottle of nothing.
6. Are my pores really that big?
7. This foundation is way too tan for me.
8. I wish I was tan.
9. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend.

10. Beauty blenders are so weird, who invented them?
11. *Looks it up*
12. Maybe I could try that new silicone beauty thing.
13. *Proceeding to look up beauty blender vs. silicone sponge*
14. Aw, look at the cute dog video!
15. I love dogs.
16. I want a dog.
17. I should get a dog.
18. FOCUS.
19. Yikes, when was the last time got a full night of sleep? Oh, well, concealer fixes all!
20. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend.
21. *After grabbing makeup brushes* When was the last time I washed these?
22. Setting powder is a glorious thing.
23. Thank god Kim K made contouring a thing.
24. Look at those cheekbones SLAY
25. When did brows become a thing? I remember when brows totally were not a thing.
26. Does that make me... old?
27. FOCUS.
28. I really need to get my brows done.
29. Keep it natural. Oh well. Sisters, not twins!!
30. Why can't my eyeshadow look like the girls' on Instagram? Oh, that's right, I am a mere human, not a GOD.
31. Always going for the, er, 'smokey eye' effect.
32. Everyone talks about how great eyeshadow primer is but I'm like what is that even???
33. *crossing yourself* Dear Lord God almighty, please grant me the strength to make my winged liner even today.

34. Sh*t.
35. Drag Queens are literally a million times better at makeup than me.
36. Just gotta make 'em... even.
37. I look like a raccoon. #EmoKidAtHeart
38. It's fine, I'm fine. Moving on!!!

39. Mascara makes everything better!
40. Don't f*ck with falsies. That is just TOO much.
41. Should I get eyelash extensions?
42. Ain't nobody got the money for that!
43. Blush because I am feelin' cheeky AF.
44. Wow, I love highlighting.
45. I am GLOWING, Jeffree Star would be so proud!!!
46. Do I feel like having a bold lip today?
47. Hell yes! Red, black, pastel green?

48. Mmm...better not.
50. Setting spray, lock this all in place.
51. I am ready to take on the world!!!
52. Aaaannnnd I'm 30 mins late...

How many of these can you relate to?