51 Things I Miss While I'm Away From Home
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Student Life

51 Things I Miss While I'm Away From Home

Signed, a second year college student who is beyond ready for fall break.

51 Things I Miss While I'm Away From Home

Don't get me wrong: I love my school and all of the wonderful people there. It has become my home away from home. But nothing will ever compare to home, and the transition from living there to living away at college is a big one. So, too, is the list of things a college student may miss in the process. Here's mine:

1. Dogs.

2. My family.

3. Family dinners.

4. Seeing my family every day.

5. Unplanned, deep, late night talks with my family.

6. My grandparents.

7. My grandma’s cooking.

8. The ability to cook for myself.

9. Home-cooked meals in general.

10. The view from my bedroom window.

11. The view from my front yard looking down my street.

12. My favorite pizza place.

13. My favorite place to get a milkshake.

14. My favorite hang out spots.

15. The familiarity of my city.

16. Being able to get around without a GPS.

17. Living 20 minutes from my best friend.

18. My bed.

19. Having a private bathroom.

20. Showering without shower shoes.

21. Showering for as long as I want.

22. Having enough room in my closet to own more than 10 days’ worth of clothing.

23. Free laundry services.

24. Not having to carry laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs.

25. Or wait for other people to move their stuff out of the dryer.

26. My brother.

27. When my brother and I communicate just by looking at each other.

28. Sibling dates.

29. Living in the room next to my little brother.

30. Jam sessions in the car with my brother.

31. My parents taking care of me when I’m sick.

32. Seeing my cousins.

33. The kids that I babysit for.

34. Having my own space.

35. Silence.

36. A good night’s sleep.

37. Air conditioning!!!

38. Having a dishwasher.

39. My high school friends.

40. My childhood friends.

41. Being allowed to have candles in my room.

42. My person.

43. My people.

44. My dad’s dad jokes.

45. Not having to worry about having a parking spot.

46. Not having to worry about buying toilet paper.

47. Not having fire drills on random Tuesday nights.

48. My parents paying for my food.

49. The smell of my house.

50. My house.

51. Home.

Signed, a second year college student who is beyond ready for fall break.

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