We’re often so focused on things that, in the end, don’t really matter – money, material objects, you name it. It’s easy to forget about the most important things, since a lot of them are so small that we might overlook them. If you’re ever feeling sad, stressed, angry, or unsure, remember this list and what on it makes you happy. Expand upon it. Make it your own. Live by it. And remember, happiness it not a destination, but a manner of traveling.

1. Sleeping in late.

2. Long, warm showers.

3. Eating your favorite foods.

4. Playing an instrument.

5. Animals.

6. Spending time outside.

7. Coloring.

8. Good music.

9. Having the car windows down.

10. Making someone smile.

11. The smell of clean laundry.

12. Chocolate.

13. Soft blankets.

14. Taking pictures.

15. Reading in a hammock.

16. Thunderstorms.

17. The sun shining through the clouds.

18. Hot, fresh pizza.

19. Visiting family.

20. Board games.

21. Clear, starry nights.

22. Bonfires.

23. Rainbows.

24. Making s’mores.

25. Fresh cut grass.

26. Flowers.

27. Binge-watching your favorite show.

28. Payday.

29. Fresh fruit.

30. Haircuts.

31. Falling asleep to rain.

32. Untouched snow.

33. Singing in the car.

34. Cookies fresh out of the oven.

35. Homemade gifts.

36. Cards in the mail.

37. Riding a bike.

38. Ice cold water.

39. The sound of crickets at night.

40. New glasses/sunglasses.

41. Watching the clouds.

42. Solving a problem.

43. Putting your toes in the sand.

44. Good news.

45. Birthdays (especially your own).

46. Sitting in the shade.

47. Going swimming.

48. Gifts, giving and receiving.

49. Seeing old friends.

50. The last day of school.

51. Sunsets.