Oh boy, Scott. Have we had some crazy memories. As I'm about to finish up my sophomore year of college, I am able to look back and realize how freaking lucky I am to have a friend like you. There are many points of our friendship that I am thankful for, especially times like when you agreed to be my lab parter senior year in chemistry and let me copy every homework assignment (aka helping me graduate :-)). But I'm also thankful you for getting ice cream with me every week this summer and letting me vent about how the new guy I've been snapchatting is being a douche or how hot this guy I matched with on Tinder is. And of course, I can never forget the time you made me (attempt) to do pull-ups at the gym and you had to physically support me on my second rep and laughed.

Thank you for letting me come and stay with you at your fraternity house and helping me into the Uber when it's been a long night. However, I don't appreciate the embarrassing snapchats you keep of me for blackmail one day. I guess I'll have to let it go though. I'm thankful for the small things you do to be such a great friend, like go tubing with me, knowing we'll get thrown off and you'll go 10x further than I will because you weigh twice as much. Or always starting the bonfires at the lake because we all know I could never survive on a deserted island by myself. Thank you for being a big brother to my siblings and spending time with my family, they all love you too. I'm sorry for some of the added stress I may cause, like when I call you and I'm talking 100 miles a minute about how stressed I am, when you're just as stressed in the library 100 miles away. Or for making you give me the aux cord so I can make you listen to this new Rihanna song I know every word to. I cherish all of our memories from 6th grade when you came to my house for Halloween, our senior year Chipotle runs (you started my addiction), and now sharing our college experiences.

I appreciate how you put in the effort to keep in touch even though we go to different universities. Whether it's snapchats that are 300 seconds long while you're in Ohio and I'm in Colorado or at Redford's on a Friday night, I know you're always there to talk. In addition, thank you for never letting me make excuses for myself. Thank you for pushing me, whether that be in the gym or before I have an interview. Know that you are appreciated for every memory we do have and memory to come. I can't wait to see what the future brings us and I don't what I'm going to do without you this summer while I'm in Chicago.

Until the next adventure, love you buddy.