50 Thoughts I've Had While In New York City
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50 Thoughts I've Had While In New York City

Alicia Keys, these streets DO inspire me.

50 Thoughts I've Had While In New York City

Ah, the Big Apple. Some people love it, some don't mind it, and others can't stand it. The city that never sleeps always has me questioning so much about it and has taught me to always try something new. Every time you visit is a new adventure, but here are common thoughts or questions we all have at some point while visiting this "concrete jungle".

1. *Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you*, but has it though?

2. I am not prepared for all this walking

3. Actually, Alicia Keys, these streets DO inspire me

4. The city that never sleeps? Accurate

5. I’m standing in the street where the Macy’s day parade is. NO WAY

6. It must be beautiful during Christmas time

7. Where can I find Buddy the Elf?

8. How much are Broadway tickets?

9. I want to see that Broadway show but I only have like 30 dollars

10. Brooklyn kind of scares me

11. How long has that homeless person been there?

12. Ugh my heart hurts for these people

13. I wish I could help them in some way

14. What happened in their life to be like that?

15. Hot dogs are only one dollar….wait what?

18. This 99 cent pizza is actually sent from heaven itself

19. Do not take pictures with the characters DO NOT TAKE PICTURES WITH THE CHARACTERS

20. I don’t have room in my bag to fit all my souvenirs

21. The 10 for a dollar postcards get me every time

22. Do I look like a tourist if I wear this "I heart NY" product?

23. Who’s playing at Madison Square Garden tonight?

24. I can’t imagine paying the rent here

25. Why are you beeping?!?

26. Taxi drivers don’t get enough credit

27. I love how people just walk out on the street at any time

28.I should probably wait until it says to walk…alright everybody’s going, I will too

29. Still, why are you beeping? I don’t understand

30. I wish someone could take my picture in front of this statue

31. What is that smell?

32. I’m definitely not spending any more money…hey look Macy’s!

33. My neck hurts

34. How on Earth did construction workers make these extremely tall skyscrapers?

35. I bet there’s plenty of celebrities here

36. How do people live here?

37. How do they eat out almost every meal?

38. I wonder how many steps residents take every day

39. What street is that on again?

40. Where even am I?

41. Yeah I have no idea where I’m going

42. Paper maps are useless seeing as I don’t know how to read them anyway

43. How many blocks is it?

44. Google Maps is actually my best friend right now

45. Where’s Rockefeller center?

46. How much is the subway again?

47. How many more stops?

48. My feet are going to hate me after today

49. Wow I hit my step goal by 2 p.m! Not surprised

50. Aw man, we’re leaving already?

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