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50 Things We Love About Summer

Everyone loves the sunshine!

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Without a doubt, summer is the best season of all. There is just so much to love about it whether you live on the beach and have your toes in the sand or in the mid-west and are surrounded by corn. We all have to agree that summer is the best!

1. Hanging out with friends


3. Swimming

4. The heat

5. Shorts

6. Flip flops

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7. Pool parties!

8. Jamming out to music

9. Laying out

10. Sun-kissed skin


12. Laughing with friends

13. Fresh Fruit

14. Cookouts

15. Free time

16. Getting to spend time with your family

17. Going to the lake


19. A cold drink when you are hot

20. All of the Netflix you can watch!

21. Driving with the windows down

22, The smell of sun tan lotion

23. Going fishing

24. Relaxing

25. Sun glasses

26. Wearing your swim suit all of the time

27. Hiking

28. Popsicles!

29. Night walks

30. Crazy adventures

31. Late nights

32. Camping

33. Dance parties

34. Sleeping in

35. Flowers

36. Summer lovin'

37. Parties

38. Bonfires

39. Road trips

40. Catching lightning bugs

41. S'mores

42. Bare feet

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43. Traveling

44. Street sports

45. Star Gazing

46. Sweet summer air

47. 4th of July

48. Tan lines

49. Food

50. Memories that will last a life time!

I'm a 19 year old with the same taste in food as a 9 year old and the same taste in activities as a 90 year old.

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