50 Things To Love About Spring

50 Things To Love About Spring

The smell of freshly cut grass, switching from hot coffee to iced — these are just some of the reasons to be happy about spring.

1. The weather getting nicer

2. The birds chirping in the morning

3. The wind that blows through the trees making them dance

4. Being able to switch up your wardrobe to bright colors

5. Spring cleaning (It’s tedious but it brings a fresh new feeling)

6. Being able to step outside and not freeze

7. Sitting outside just cause

8. The smell of fresh cut grass

9. Baseball season

10. Switching from hot coffee to iced

11. Trying the new Starbucks iced drinks just cause

12. Doing homework outside

13. Eating outside at restaurants

14. Enjoying coffee outside at cute coffee shops

15. Listening to music outside while relaxing

16. Doing literally everything outside

17. Driving with the windows down

18. Having fun photo shoots downtown with friends

19. Pretty flowers

20. Dogs sticking their heads out the window in cars

21. Green grass! Green grass!

22. Flips flops/ sandals

23. Leaving the windows open at night

24. Wearing light jackets or no jacket at all

25. It stays light outside later

26. The sunsets are breathtaking

27. The motivation for a summer bod is more real than ever

28. Kids are always playing outside

29. Seeing sidewalk chalk

30. Walks with doggies

31. Perfect running whether

32. Fruits and veggies are in season

33. It’s easier to eat healthier

34. The whole neighborhood is outside

35. Sunglasses

36. Shorts and Capris

37. Feeling more creative

38. Nice weather to explore new places

39. Bike rides

40. Ice cream after every meal is more socially acceptable

41. Picnic season

42. Mini golf dates

43. The sun makes it easy to wake up earlier

44. Nature walks

45. School's ending

46. Concert tickets are coming out

47. Lemonade stands

48. Garage sales start up

49. The feeling of a fresh start

50. Everyone seems to be happier in the spring

Cover Image Credit: Sierra Gardner

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Sometimes Self-Care Is Hiking 5 Miles And Other Times It's Drawing Your Curtains And Binging 'Parks And Rec'

Now that spring has arrived, it's important to take care of yourself, indoors and out.

Here in Missoula, the sun has finally started to show its face after a long, cold, dark winter. I for one, am thrilled to see the blue skies, budding trees and flowers, and people lounging in bikini tops on the oval. These are all signals that spring has truly arrived -- at least for the moment. But with the arrival of springtime and nice weather, it’s important to talk about self-care in relation to outdoor activities.

Sometimes self-care is drawing your blinds and staying in your room and binging "Parks and Rec" on Netflix and not feeling guilty about it.

This past Friday, was the first truly nice day we’ve had here in Missoula since October. Lucky for me, all three of my Friday classes were canceled, so I had a whole entire day ahead of me to get out an enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately for me, I was feeling awful. Sickness, exhaustion, stress, whatever it was, I was feeling pretty gross.

So when my usual alarm went off, I turned it off and rolled back over and went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later, feeling a little bit better thanks to the extra sleep, but still pretty annoyed with myself that I was wasting this beautiful day. I did have a club meeting at noon, so I roused myself and headed across campus. I was greeted by blinding sunshine and people on the Oval en masse.

I was quite happy to be done with my meeting and be able to scurry back to my cave of darkness in my bedroom. I spent the rest of the day alternating between snoozing and catching up on homework before I conked out at an agreeable 11:30 pm. I woke up on Saturday and felt a whole lot better because I’d allowed myself some time to rest.

The point of this anecdote is this: sometimes it’s okay, sometimes it’s necessary to forgo the outdoors in order to get to the point where being outside is enjoyable and not painful.

Allow yourself the downtime indoors without feeling guilty or like you’re squandering the nice day. Of course, sometimes being outside is the solution to your problems, but not always. When you’re already feeling tired and blah and gross, sitting outside in the sun is only going to make you feel more weary, especially when it’s the first sunshine of the year.

Other important things to remember is that being outside might be self-care, but it’s also important to take care of yourself when you’re out in the sunshine. Wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and enjoy being outside in ways that are comfortable. If that means embarking on a five-mile long hike, go for it. If that means lounging in the shade of a tree with a good book, embrace that.

This spring and summer, let’s all enjoy the great outdoors in ways that are safe and healthy for us, and remember that sometimes downtime indoors is just as important as soaking up the sunshine.

Cover Image Credit: @rei

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30 Things To Do While You Wait For Summer

Don't sit and sulk, make use of your time!

When the weather is bad it's easy to fall into the trap of sulking around your room, waiting for better days to come. Instead of wasting your time dreaming about summer, do these 30 things to pass the time.

1. Change your sheets

2. Floss

3. Take a shower

4. Take a nap

5. Put on your most expensive lotion

6. Put on a facemask

7. Organize your room

8. Listen to an educational podcast

9. Make a tie blanket

10. Make a Video Star music video with your friends

11. Re-read your favorite childhood book

12. Memorize every line of "Bee Movie" starring Jerry Seinfeld

13. Take up photography

14. Put on your favorite outfit

15. Paint your nails

16. Write down 10 self-affirmations

17. Direct message your favorite Jonas Brother-- just to see how they’re doing

18. Draw something without thinking

19. Start a scrapbook

20. Bake a birthday cake

21. Write a letter

22. Binge watch old Disney Channel original movies

23. Do yoga

24. Make friendship bracelets

25. Make a slime Instagram account

26. Make a Spotify playlist for each of your friends

27. Watch Vine compilations and reminisce

28. Start dissecting your childhood

29. Take another nap

30. Curse Punxsutawney Phil under your breath

Cover Image Credit: pxhere

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