50 Things That Make Life A Little Happier
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50 Things That Make Life A Little Happier

It really is the little things.

50 Things That Make Life A Little Happier
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We can all get a little caught up with the big events happening in our lives, both good and bad, and we can sometimes miss out on the little stuff. There are so many little things that can brighten our day, even if you only notice them for a second. I read a sign once that said "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things." Here are just a few bits of sunshine that you don't want to miss...

1. Trees that grow together to make a little tunnel

2. When it’s not too hot but not too cold outside.

3. Belting out to your favorite song in the car

4. When your hair actually cooperates

5. The smell of rain

6. The first sip of a drink you have been craving

7. Having all of your clothes clean so that you have a huge selection for your outfit that day

8. Popping bubble wrap

9. Towels fresh out of the dryer

10. Sunflowers

11. Beautiful sunsets (especially while driving)

12. Rainy movie days

13.^^ while those are great, days where you feel like you were highly productive are also great

14. God moments that give you goose bumps

15. Receiving that A or paycheck that you worked so hard for

16. When your fro-yo looks pretty (anyone else or is that just me?)

17. Cute animals

18. Hugs

19. A really good conversation with your best friend

20. A full tank of gas

21. Random acts of kindness from strangers

22. A sky full of stars

23. The sound of the ocean

24. Laughing until you cry

25. Watching people’s faces as they open up a gift you got them

26. Serving people

27. Jeans fresh out of the wash that fit just right

28. Christmas lights

29. Just enjoying the company of your family

30. The season premiere of your favorite show

31. The smell of the house on Thanksgiving morning

32. Good dreams

33. Getting to see a new place for the first time

34. Getting a new pair of shoes

35. Dancing because you feel like it

36. Finding money you didn’t know you had

37. Listening to music and looking out the window dramatically on road trips (I know I am not alone in this)

38. Compliments

39. Homemade brownies

40. Encountering really positive people

41. When a baby smiles at you

42. Reading a Bible verse that perfectly applies to your life at that moment

43. Feeling really confident in your outfit

44. Pumpkin flavored things in fall

45. Sundays

46. A hot shower after a long day

47. Watching your favorite movie

48. Getting butterflies in your stomach

49. Learning something new

50. Having people in your life that know how you are feeling without you having to say anything

I could go on and on. It is easy to get caught up in all the things that aren’t going the way we want them to, but just take a second and appreciate the little things that make life just a little sweeter.

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