48 Struggles Bethany Students Know To Be True
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Student Life

48 Struggles Bethany Students Know To Be True

Bethany we love you, but you test out limits

48 Struggles Bethany Students Know To Be True

Bethany college is near and dear to our hearts and we would be lost with this place. The friends and the memories we make are wonderful. We wouldn't trade this place, because to us it is home. However, with all these wonderful things, there are also some struggles. These struggles are what we deal with, yet are used to here at Bethany. Even though we sometimes question why we are here because of these things we wouldn't trade it for the world.

1. We go to school in the middle of nowhere.

2. The closest source of basically anything is 10 minutes away.

3. Not having a car on campus.

4. Trying to find someone to take you everywhere.

5. Potholes literally everywhere.

6. Not being able to skip class because you know the professor is either going to text you, or email you.

7. Professors knowing everything about you because campus is so small.

8. Having like three people in your major classes.

9. Having a class at Hurl.

10. Chalk boards in the class rooms.The chairs are from the 1700s.

11. Sweating to classes during the first week.

12. Having to wear 200 layers a few weeks later.

13. Wearing a hoodie in the morning because it’s 20 degrees.

14. Sweating later that day because the temperature rose 40 degrees.

15. Being stranded for a week because of the snow accumulation.

16. Not getting one of the nine on campus parking spots.

17. Hills -- everywhere.

18. Steps.

20. Deciding whether to take the steps or the hill onto campus.

21. Raining while walking up the hills or steps.

22. Having to walk from your room because we are snowed in.

23. Never canceling classes.Then walking to class in negative temperatures.

24. Getting emails saying to wear scarves, hats, and mittens when it’s that cold.

25. Having 6 a.m. sporting practices.

26. Having rivalries between athletic teams from our school.

27. Walking from CV to Greek Hill for the parties.

28. Texting your friend about the parties at Alpha Sig, but it auto corrects to Alpha “Dog.”

29. Not having $2 on a Saturday night.

30. Not having a ride to bar.

31. Walking to the bar in the snow (I know we’ve all done it).

32. Forgetting your ID.

33. Doing something reckless and waking up knowing the whole school knows what you did.

34. Everyone sees your walk of shame.

35. Waking up with a pink, blue, or green bingo dabber dot on your cheek.

36. Having an 8 a.m. on Thursdays.

37. The cafeteria.

38. Let’s not forget about the wi-fi. Leave it at that.

39. Printers never working.

40. Having to pay for the holes in CV.

41. Not getting a parking spot on CV Hill.

42. Not getting any parking spots because you’re a freshman.

43. Parking tickets.

44. Almost getting run over trying to walk to the recreation center.

45. Trying to take out the trash only to almost get attacked by raccoons.

46. When the dogwood trees bloom -- gag me.

47. Thinking that you’re going to fail comps, even before your first day of classes.

48. Actually taking comps.

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