50 Questions I Have For Culver

It may have only been 8 months since I hung up my kilt, straightened my ring and walked through that long-awaited arch, but nonetheless, I am a Culver grad and I am proud to be one every day. The oppurtunities I was given to travel, lead, and learn is something not every high school student is given and for that, I feel blessed. However, there are still numerous questions I have for Culver, so I decided to compile a list of... The 50 questions I have for Culver!

Disclosure - this in no way meant to be mean, but instead, some good fun.

1. Why do the guys march to breakfast? Some of them only have to walk a couple yards...

2. What would happen if the grass for one Parents' Weekend did not magically turn perfectly green? Would the world come crashing down?

3. Was that screening of "Tom Brown of Culver" necessary?

4. Can I get unlimited rides from Quella?

5. Can I select the next concert series?

6. Is there really a Beason secret? I mean c'mon...

7. Can our mascot be named Yik the Yak? Too soon? Yeah, I thought so...

8. Who won elimination?

9. Can Dr. Evil read all my essays?

10. Why are the squirrels so fat?

11. Why can the guys be shirtless on campus but wearing a sports bra is forbidden?

13. Do people actually find the black CGA pants flattering?

14. How weird would it be if I put the Culver song as my ringtone?

15. Can I have that cheesecake recipe?

16. What is actually in baked ziti?

17. How did the harkness tables fit into the humanities classrooms? Is there a "build your own harkness table" kit?

18. Why is Mark Sailing one of our notable alums? He got kicked out and has been to arrested more times than his character on "Glee"....

19. Should I choose an apple or a granola bar?

20. On a scale from 1 to 10, how "Dead Poets Society" is our school?

21. Why does Corky write in all caps?

22. Do I REALLY need to take the PSAT as a freshman?

23. Why can't we wear other school logos on civvies nights?

24. Was the class of 2016 really that bad? Don't answer that...

25. Why are the bananas always green? And don't say it's because people like them that way...

26. If Culver was Hogwarts, who would be Snape and Dumbledore?

27. WHY CAN THEY WEAR REG IN THE DINING HALL NOW? (Just kidding, I know why, but every alum still asks.)

28. Why isn't there a shuttle for the fardormers?

29. Is today really a great day to be an eagle?

30. Why are the sports awards held in the dining hall?

31. Do I have to work out at the fitness center?

32. Can I not write another goals sheet?

33. Why can parents get their own class rings?

34. Why is band best?

35. How did we get such well-known hockey and lacrosse programs? This is Indiana.

36. Speaking of Indiana, why?

37. Should I order Papas again? (This one is a shoutout to all the Papas fans out there because I am not a very big one.)

38. What makes Lake Max so beautiful?

39. Why does the health center look kind of like an insane asylum?

40. And why is it so far away?

41. Why does construction take so long?

42. Exactly how many feet do you have to be away to smell a trooper's bodyspray?

43. Who invented spirit games?

44. Do I have to participate in spirit games?

45. Can I have my bike on campus?

46. Why does the last term fly by?

47. Why did I make my best friends for life here?

48. When I'm old, will the memories still THRILL me?

49. Will I ever not be attached to my ring and this place?

50. Can I go back now?

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