5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching
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5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

Great for entertainment and education

5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

Ever since I got a new laptop last Christmas, I've been obsessed with YouTube. I'm unsure what motivated me to start watching videos regularly, but I'm just happy that I did. Before the end of 2015, I was only subscribed to two channels; I never understood the craze with YouTube until now (I am currently subscribed to 29 channels).

YouTube is such a great website because there's all kinds of different and creative content out there in the world to watch. There's something for everybody to watch and anybody can create videos. For me, I live on the art and film side of YouTube and I decided to make a list of great channels I think everybody should watch and if you like any of these channels, go ahead and click on their icons and it'll take you right to there channel!

Here are 5 YouTube channels you should be watching right now:


I should warn you, you might actually get a little scared watching these videos. They're a bit creepy. Just a little. But it's a really great show! DHMIS is a six episode short film series. The show appears to look like a children's show, similar to Sesame Street, but takes a darker tone towards the end of each episode. The show is a commentary on the brainwashing of children's television. The characters in the show are always taught different aspects of life such as creativity, time, love, technology, eating healthy, and dreams. They're taught to only accept and learn these things under certain conditions; If they start asking too many questions, then they're wrong and punished. But I'm just scratching the surface with these shows, they're so much deeper than that, it's really amazing. The films are really well done and so great to watch. There are millions of fan theories online that you should see after watching the show, they're so helpful for understanding to show and the symbolism behind everything you see. This is definitely something people should check out.


I don't think anybody truly understands how much I love this channel. This channel was created by Tony Zhou and his channel is all about analyzing film form. I am a major film geek, I get so excited learning about different aspects of film and this guy makes fantastic videos. The videos are great because Tony makes them in such a way that anybody can understand and learn about film. Learning about film form can really enhance your experience as an audience member. You'll be able to Figure out the director's intention and understand the power of visual storytelling. This channel is perfection in my eyes so people should definitely be watching it.


This guy is so amazing and smart. The creator of this channel is Evan Puschak and he makes video essays that analyze art, music, film, and current events. His videos are very informative and intriguing. I learn a lot from his videos because they expose me to different aspects of culture and the world. But what I really enjoy is the passion in his voice when he covers different topics. This is a guy who not only knows what he's talking about, but cares.


I have not seen most of this guy's videos. I've actually only seen a handful of his videos, and from the videos that I've seen, I think people should check this guy out. In some of his great videos, he talks about the stigma of cartoons being only for children, if fandoms are problematic, and issues with Pixar. These videos are fantastic not just because their informative and well made, but because his passionate commentary really contributes to the great content of his videos.


Honestly, if you haven't heard of Wisecrack, you're missing out. I've been watching their videos all year and they have one of the best channels on YouTube. They have all sorts of cool videos. In one of their segments, called Thug Notes, they summarize literature books and analyze the content in cool and funny ways.They also do film analysis in their Hidden Meaning-Earthling Cinema segment. This alien guy "discovers" movies from the destroyed plant Earth and uses film to understand what life was like for humans. They have so many other really great videos so checking them out is a smart move.

And there you have it! My top five list of great YouTube Channels with quality content for inquiring minds! They're also great just to kick around and watch to as well. I hope you enjoy my list even if you're not crazy about art like I am. I think these channels are so great because you learn so much art and people and the world around you.

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