Planet Earth is in a bad shape. Some may say it is dying, some may disagree, but our environment is in a perilous condition. Each year, the temperatures continue to soar. Each year, thousands of species go extinct. Environmental issues are part of the long run; they're a bigger issue that needs to be taken more seriously. Yet, more Americans think ISIS is a threat to the world, rather than the fact that many countries may be underwater within the next century.

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution occurs because of industry, vehicle usage, livestock and burning of fossil fuels. These practices release harmful emissions into our atmosphere, leading to global warming and the rise of respiratory diseases. Cities like Delhi and Beijing have an insanely high amount of air pollution, with the sky rarely being visible behind the smog, and rates of respiratory illness well above the norm.

2. Marine Pollution

Marine pollution occurs mostly on land, where runoff ends up in our oceans, taking with it pesticides and garbage. Oil spills and the fishing industry also increase marine pollution. Sites like the Pacific Trash Gyre, a massive vortex of garbage, litter our ocean, and this trash ends up in sea animals, endangered animals and fish species that we eat.

3. Climate Change

Climate change is strongly related to air pollution, air pollution being the main cause for it. The increasing amounts of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere thanks to industry and vehicle usage is leading to our planet becoming warmer and warmer.

4. Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Reliance on fossil fuels is another big concern, especially as we only have an estimated 50 years of supply left before we are forced to rely on another source of energy. This occurs because most vehicles are reliant on fossil fuels to run, and most industries are reliant on fossil fuels for energy.

5. Overpopulation

Overpopulation is another major environmental concern, with the population rising at an exponential rate. There are over seven billion people on our planet, and this number is rapidly climbing each day. The issue is that we will not be able to sustain this population with our resources. Overpopulation is occurring because of a reduced mortality rate and a lack of education in many places.