5 Wine Bottle Crafts You Need In Your Life
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5 Wine Bottle Crafts You Need In Your Life

5 ways to get rid of those old bottles gathering dust and turn them into great projects!

5 Wine Bottle Crafts You Need In Your Life

Gone are the days of old bottle gathering dust on the top of your kitchen cabinets. Here are five ways to up-cycle those bottles into something useful and cute!

1. These wine bottle tiki torches are perfect for outdoors during the summer! Use oil with citronella to keep away mosquitoes in a crafty way.

2. Cut the top off your favorite bottle and fill with wax and a wick from your local craft store, instant wine bottle candle.

3. This DIY bottle lamp would be a great addition to any room, or an awesome gift. It can also double as a new place to store the corks you've been saving.

4. For everyday use, try these wine bottle tumblers.

5. These painted vases can take clear bottles and match any room in your house. Perfect for flowers all year round, or to have a set for each season.

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