5 Things For Every College Girl To Cut From Her Budget In 2020

5 Things For Every College Girl To Cut From Her Budget In 2020

Every year one of your New Year's Resolutions is probably to spend less money.


Here are five things that you should cut from your budget this year that will make saving that cash and keeping up with your resolution even easier:

1. Grocery Items You Never Finish/Eat 

You may think you'll eat that entire box of fancy crackers from Trader Joes (hey, maybe I'll make a charcuterie board or something this week, you probably thought), but in reality they're going to go stale and you don't have time to make said theoretical charcuterie board this week. The best way to cut down on your spending at the grocery store (one of the easiest places to overspend, especially if you're hungry) is to make a list and to stick to it. At this point in the school year or just in life, you should know the foods you actually will consume during the week.

2. Store-Bought Lunches

This can also apply to dinnertime when Caviar is constantly sending you free delivery discount codes (they're so tempting, I know). Eating out when you have food at home or can come back from class and make your lunch is the sneakiest way to waste all of your money. Even if you can avoid doing this like 2 days a week instead of doing it every day your bank account will thank you. Delete your delivery apps, also, if you must.

3. Drinks 

Pregame, pregame, PREGAME. Although it's fun to have a bartender make you your signature Vodka Cran at your local overcrowded bar, you definitely don't need to buy a bunch of them to still have a good time. Buy cheap alcohol before you go out and pregame with your roommates and besties at home with it (buy some cranberry juice too) and by the time you get to the bar you won't need to spend as much cash on drinks. And there's less waiting in line, more time to dance.

4. Coffee 

Buy a Keurig like everyone else and just make your coffee at home. It's so cheap and so easy. Or, if you can't give up your Starbucks (I'm sure many cannot) set a day at the end of the week where you can look forward to it and make your coffee every other day of the week. This way you don't have to fully give it up, but it will make a huge difference when you're not spending five bucks on it every single morning!

5. Any TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Etc. Purchases

Whenever I come home for the holidays my mom and I are notorious TJ Maxx browsers and shoppers. None of things we buy from there are ever necessary, something we don't already have at home, or is not made from super cheap material. Just because the going out top you found on a random rack is only $7.99 does not mean that you need it. Cease impulse purchases at discount stores in 2020.

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