College is the most complicated, hectic and best time of your life. However, some tend to lose focus on what we are here for… SCHOOL.


Studying a subject that you intend to master and pursue as a career.

Bettering yourself and finding who you truly are…? Rings a bell? Regardless, in such a chaotic time, one needs structure and guidance to succeed. So here are 5 ways one can obtain those skills and become more productive.

1. Planning is Key

Begin every Sunday with an entire week overview.

For every class, extracurricular, job responsibility and you name it, map out your week and your schedule so you begin having a clear focus of what you want to do and what needs to be done.

2. Sleep

If you don’t set aside a reasonable time of sleep then don’t even bother planning. Studies show if a person gets less than 4 hours asleep they are cognitively as coherent as a severely intoxicated person.
Schedule yourself at least 7 hours of sleep, 8 if you can really manage.

3. Wake up early

Starting your day at 11am is a waste of daylight.

Waking up at 6 am is not necessary either but if you can manage to wake up at 8 am and start your day fresh and early then you will find yourself less stressed in the evening and with more time to kill.

4. Physical Activity

Do your best to make time for physical exercise. Your mental state is just as healthy as your physical state. Getting active is a proven stress reliever and will contribute to a clearer and healthier mindset.

For those workaholics who don’t have time to hit the gym, take a walk around campus if you have time or just take a scenic route when walking to class. The outside environment could tremendously help motivate your productivity in other areas of life.

5. Make time for Socializing

Humans need other human connections. Companionship is key and isolating oneself is never the answer.

Giving one the chance to socialize will give the mind and body time to relax and will also allow one to be more productive in the long run.