Being at the end of the spring semester, exams, papers, and projects tend to sneak up on high school and college students, adding much unnecessary stress. Everyone deals with stress differently, some avoiding it all together. But when that final exam is sitting in front of you, would you rather be stressing about the other things you need to accomplish by next week or worrying about that question in front of you? Luckily, I have some tips for students like me who may wait until the last minute.

1. Organization

This may be something your parents and professors bore into you, but it really does help. Try making a to-do list. Have an agenda for the last few weeks of school so that you can see how much time it will require completing tasks. Set timers on your phone so that you have scheduled time to complete said projects.

2. Prioritize

The most important thing in your life right now should be school. High school is extremely important, especially if you want to go to college, those grades do count. As for college students, your classes should be the top priority because this is your future. Do yourself a favor and prioritize your future first. Everything else can be stressed about later.

3. Mindfulness

Think about the good you are doing for yourself. When life gets crazy and school becomes over baring think about why you are where you are. Take a moment in the midst of all the studying and focus on you and where your mind is.

4. Good eating

If you plan on studying until midnight or 2 AM, you need energy. Most people will run to the vending machines for Monster or Red Bull, but they're packed with artificial sugars only to lead you into a sugar coma. As for coffee, too many cups give you the jitters which will not be helpful if you're trying to draw a graph for a math final. However, healthy eating will supply your body with proteins and natural sugars giving you the actual energy you need.

5. Exercise

Even if you haven't hit the gym all semester, doing so during your final prep will fill your body with endorphins which will give you more energy. Having more energy will allow your mind to want to study, the new endorphins will allow for better focus, which is what we all need right now.