5 Ways The 2016 Election Is Just Like Knope vs. Newport 2012
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5 Ways The 2016 Election Is Just Like Knope vs. Newport 2012

Here's to hoping we end up with a cam-pleasure and not a cam-pain...

5 Ways The 2016 Election Is Just Like Knope vs. Newport 2012

Though it would likely more accurate to point out the parallels between Hillary Clinton and Leslie Knope and between Donald Trump and a monstrous combination of a clueless Bobby Newport and an amped up sexist, racist Councilman Jamm, I’m going to just stick to Knope/Hillz Trump/Newp(?) for time’s sake.

Over the past month or so, I’ve gone on a Netflix binge of Parks and Rec-- no spoilers please, I’m still working on season 5-- and when I came across the Knope/Newport race for city council in sason 4, I couldn’t help but notice the connections between this fictional election and the actual election that’s somehow actually going on right now here in the real world.

For reference and reminder, I direct you to Leslie Knope’s campaign video:

1. Both Leslie and Hillary have been working their whole lives for this.

Little baby Leslie and young collegiate Hillary have both dreamed of being elected for a very long time. Their innate passion and drive for serving their communities has been present for the whole lives of these women, while Trump and Newport are running on a whim (and mainly for their own personal gain).

2. Both Trump and Newport had everything handed to them on a silver platter their whole lives.

Both Trump and Newport’s cushy lives have spoiled them rotten. Their wealth makes them greedy, clueless, and immune to the sufferings of those who aren’t just like themselves.

3. Both Knope and Hillary have experienced huge amounts of sexism.

Throughout both Leslie Knope and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, the public and the media have spent an unreasonable amount of time focusing on the scandals and the way these women talk and dress nearly more than they than they talk about the actual policy plans the candidates have in the works. Many seem to want to elect someone they can “go bowling with” rather than a candidate with actual ideas. Though many don’t want to admit it, it’s likely because they can’t possibly bear the thought of a strong, independent woman beating a man and running the country.

4. Both Trump and Newport have no actual ideas, while Leslie and Hillary have tons of them.

Trump is seriously lacking when it comes to actual plans in policies, so like Newport, he might as well be saying in regards to what he actually will do once he gets into office, “Um, I’m pretty sure I’ll figure it out”.

5. Both Hillary and Leslie want to "focus on your hopes, not on your fears" and care about those whose they're running for.

While Newport threatens to take the Sweetum’s factory out of Pawnee if he’s not elected and Trump uses the tactics of fear-mongering and pinning groups from all walks of life against each other, Leslie actually cares about Pawnee and Hillary certainly cares about the United States of America. While Hillary is certainly not perfect (and nor is Leslie), you cannot deny the fact that Hillary cares deeply about our country. This woman has dedicated her entire life to providing service for those who need it most, and therefore would do a fantastic job serving as President of the United States. If we can’t have Knope, I guess Hillary Clinton is the next best thing.

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