5 Ways To Move On From A Toxic Relationship

5 Ways To Move On From A Toxic Relationship

Stay positive and keep moving forward.

There are many things I want to do in 2017. Leaving negativity behind is one of them.

I'm a pretty organized gal when it comes to making lists of tasks I need to accomplish during the day; however, when it comes to mental baggage or overthinking, I tend to hold onto every little detail and dwell on it. Last August, I moved to college and brought a lot of sh*t with me — literally and metaphorically. But with my first semester being over and the new year in full swing, I'm happy to say I left the bullish*t in 2016. If you're like me trying to turn over a new leaf or just lead a more positive life, here are five ways to move past toxic relationships and unmemorable moments bringing you down.

1. Let things go.

When something comes up about the relationship you're trying to move on from, picture everything you've been trying to let go of floating away from you. Put whatever is bothering you in a box and close it. Literally, picture the box closing — it sounds a little silly, but it really helps close any mental doors that are still open. This is a new chapter for you and you're not going to let this bring you down any longer.

2. Keep your distance.

To go along with number one but definitely just as important — delete their number so if you feel tempted to call them at a weak moment their name won't be blatantly staring reminding you of the past.

3. Focus on yourself.

The relationship was toxic but not everything was bad, right? Whether it was the amount of attention your significant other or friend gave you or you just don't want to be alone, forget about it and just focus on yourself. If you feel like you want to talk to them or you need their attention, stop and love yourself! Do something for yourself because it's all about you.

4. Organize your space.

Sometimes when your mind is clouded and your home is messy it doesn't help you focus on what you want to accomplish. Declutter your life, clear your mind.

5. Go out with your friends.

Whether you go out to meet new people or just have a chill night with your best friends — it is always a good idea to do something you love with people who truly care about you and your happiness. Surrounding yourself with positive people will make you feel better about the outcomes of your life and the hurdles you may face.

Remember, you can't move on from something in a day, but the fact that you're working towards leading a more positive and simple life is a huge step. Just remember, stay positive and keep moving forward!

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Drive A Stick Shift, It’ll Save Your Life

Plus, it's more fun.


Most everyone drives an automatic transmission nowadays, however, there are some manual transmissions still out there. It's possible to get a new car, even a 2019, with a manual transmission, but only if you're willing to take on the beast. Learning on two pedals may have been hard in the beginning, but imagine having to re-learn how to drive with three pedals below your feet.

Things can get a little complicated and frustrating.

I got my driver's license in December 2016 and driving was a breeze until Christmas. That's when the beast showed up. This was a 2004 Scion XB with a manual transmission, also known as Baby. I left that car in the driveway and in my parents driving capabilities until January when I decided to take on the task of taming three pedals. Re-learning how to drive has never been so frustrating and so hard. I ditched my training in March but vowed to drive Baby unassisted by the time I turned 17, and I did.

Driving a stick shift has changed both my life and the way I drive, which may be a little for the worse. In many ways, driving a manual transmission has made me a better driver. It is easy to drive in autopilot when in an automatic because the car does all the work for you. You just barely have to press on the gas and the break; the car does the rest. So many people tend to use their cell phones, eat or even put their makeup on while driving down the highway at 75 miles per hour. It doesn't even seem dangerous to us anymore. But now step into the driver's seat of a stick shift, and things don't get done on their own. You have to downshift and press the brake when you come to a stop, which you need both hands for. You can't text and drive, eat and drive, or do anything and drive. Both hands have to be free, one on the wheel and the other on the shifter. With this setup, people have to pay attention to what is happening around them and be able to react within a moment's notice so they can shift into the proper gear for the situation. Not being able to go into autopilot when I drive has allowed me to see upcoming situations as they happen and I am better prepared to deal with them.

Overall, you'll be a safer driver and a cooler person if you know how to drive a manual transmission.

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