It's the most wonderful time of the year! And that means Christmas and winter everything. Here are a few ways to gear up for the holidays.

1. Make s'mores.

Gather friends or family around a real or gas-powered fire and roast marshmallows for s'mores. Bundle up and share stories and talk about holiday traditions. Pair your s'mores with a hot chocolate or apple cider!

2. Watch Christmas movies.

Nothing says Christmas like watching all of your favorite holiday movies while you still can. Pop some popcorn, invite friends over and have a marathon of all your favorites. My favorites include Elf and A Christmas Story.

3. Make Christmas cookies/treats.

Search through Pinterest, online or look through family recipes/recipe books and bake your favorite holiday treats for the season. Share it with others (it can make a great gift) and enjoy your treats.

4. Listen to Christmas music.

When you're driving, wrapping gifts, getting ready for a holiday party, really anytime! Having Christmas music on often is a sure way to get your holiday spirit up, especially if you sing and/or dance along.

5. Go ice skating.

Even if you fall down multiple times, grab some friends and go ice skate! Get hot chocolate after to warm up and skate around in circles till you're too tired to stand.

Happy holidays!