We have all seen this movie (more than once). We have all quoted this movie. Like it or not this movie is now a part of our everyday society. Here is some ways that this great movie relates to our everyday lives and struggles...

1. When we see a cute guy.

We all act a fool when we are trying to impress someone. No matter how old we get. It's human nature.

2. When your friend gets ready for the day and winds up wearing to much perfume.

We all know this smell and the look that goes with it.

3. When we wish we could share our success with everyone.

Because everyone deserves a win sometimes.

4. When you are wondering if there is a limit to how much pizza or any food you should eat. (or naps)

Because this is a crucial question in life.

5.When you find a real life ginger.

Oh, come on you know you want to ask it too.