5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Break
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5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Break

Getting things done ahead of time and taking care of yourself will ensure you have the best possible break.

5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Break

Spring break is only a few weeks away, and everyone wants to enjoy it. In order to do that you will want to feel and look your best so you are able to have a stress-free week. Instead of trying to get ready for break the week before you go, start now so you won’t be frantic when it comes time to leave.

1. Prioritize Your Schoolwork

Have an exam the Monday we get back? Or a paper due that week? Start now and get ahead. Nothing is worse than coming back the Sunday after break and having to pull an all-nighter to get your work done. It might not be possible to get everything done before hand, but it will greatly reduce your stress on break if you’re not worried about assignments and exams when you’re trying to have fun.

2. Start Eating Better

Over spring break, let’s be honest: you will probably be putting a lot of junk into your body and not working out. Start eating better now. Drink a lot of water and cut out junk food, even those late-night weekend snacks. Your body will thank you later. If you do this, not only will you feel better and have more energy, you will start to look better too. Your skin will be clearer and more radiant and your hair will be softer and shinier -- just what you need as you head to the beach.

3. Stick To Your Workout Regimen

Going crazy at the gym a week before you go on break isn’t going to affect your appearance. Start now. Having almost a month before you go actually could make a difference in your looks and if that is a goal you have, then don’t put it off anymore. You don’t have to go crazy, it could just be as simple as running a few miles a week. Build up to what you’re comfortable with; you don’t want to do workouts you hate or push yourself too hard or you’ll be more likely to not stick with it.

4. Do Your Research

You’re about to have an entire week away with your best friends with no obligations, get excited! Make a driving playlist to help you through your long car ride, help each other pick out the best outfits and look into the area you’re visiting. While hanging out on the beach for a week sounds fabulous, you never know what else is in the area that could be worth checking out. If you’re driving to your destination, it is also worth your time to see if there is anything fun on your route to your getaway. You won’t road trip many times in your life, so it’s worth it to experience as much as you can while you have the time and are nearby.

5. Start Saving

The only downside of spring break (if you’re taking a trip) is taking an entire week off of work. Plan ahead on not having that income and see if there are other ways you can make up for it. Pick up a few extra hours a week before you go or make an effort to spend less leading up to the trip. You’ll be happy you have the extra spending money once you’re on your trip, and you will feel less strapped for cash afterwards.

Planning ahead for trips is one of the best ways to enjoy your break. By making sure you have everything you need done ahead of time and taking care of yourself, you’re sure to have the best possible vacation.

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