5 Underrated TV Shows

I like to believe that I'm somewhat of a TV connoisseur -- which is to say I watch a lot of TV, some of which is good. Here are my favorite shows that everyone should add to their list!

1. Firefly

There is no "middle ground" when it comes to Firefly – you're either a die-hard fan, or you've never seen it. The plot follows a band of merry misfits throughout space as they avoid a tyrannical government and harbor fugitives. Though short lived, Firefly – and it's ending movie Serenity – is filled with humor, adventure, and mystery(not to mention horror; beware the Reapers man).

2. The Librarians

If I've talked about The Librarians once, I've talked about it a hundred times. It's one of my absolute all time faves, which makes it an ultra shame that no one knows about it! The Librarian movies introduce us to The Library, a mystical library nestled underneath the Metropolitan that aims to keep magic out of the wrong hands. In The Librarians TV show, we're brought back, 10 years later, at the culmination of some serious bad magic. Together, Flynn Carsen -- the current Librarian -- and his merry crew must work to not only save and protect the Library, but the world. Filled with action, humor, and only a little bit of romance, The Librarians will find a way into your heart.

3. Sense8

One of the most influential Netflix series of our time, Sense8 is about eight strangers from around the world who become psychically linked. Each character is diverse, interesting, and original. Sense8 deals with monsters that relate to all: an unaccepting world, disapproving parents, water crises, and relationship troubles. In a lot of ways, this show "bares all" – it isn't afraid to show you what you need to see. Definitely a must watch.

4. Destination Truth/Expedition Unknown

If you're a fan of ghosts, monsters, and things that go bump in the night, you have got to check out Josh Gates. In each episode, Josh and his team travel the world to uncover new mysteries and explore new places. His team even uncovered on of the greatest Yeti footprints to date! Whether or not you believe, this show will entertain and delight all audiences.

5. Haven

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't yet finished this show. However, it's still as intriguing as the day I left it. Haven follows Audrey Parker as she works to help the people of Haven, Maine, who are plagued with "troubles." Along the way, she discovers a disturbing plot that involves her and the people she loves. Equally creepy and touching, Haven has something for everyone.

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