5 Underrated Songs: Paramore Edition
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5 Underrated Songs: Paramore Edition

Paramore is a band.

5 Underrated Songs: Paramore Edition

If you would like to read the previous installment in this series, which was about Twenty One Pilots, you can read that here.

Paramore, currently made up of vocalist Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York, has been a band for the better part of 12 years. Like every long-running group, the band has seen it's fair share of member changes, drama and of course -- great music and wonderful memories. With four full-length albums, two live albums, four EPs and one box set -- the 12 years have been a busy one.

Aside from their obviously known songs like "Misery Business" and "Ain't it Fun" that quickly skyrocketed the band into pop-punk stardom, the band came from humble beginnings. Starting with small club shows and anonymity, every early fan of the group knew that William's vocals combined with the then members' instrumental abilities, the group was headed for big things.

Currently, in their most visible period of their careers, the music that got them here is what needs to be appreciated in order to truly appreciate the band currently. Of course, out of all the music they wrote -- there are some true gems that need some recognition. These are my picks:

1. "Franklin" -- All We Know Is Falling (2005)

Off the debut studio album "All We Know Is Falling", "Franklin" is one of those songs that is unlike the rest of the album in many ways. The rest of the album is very pop punk, upbeat and otherwise very catchy because of those pop themes. "Franklin" is also pop, but not THE SAME pop as songs like "Pressure", "Emergency" and "Conspiracy".

Typically categorized as one of the sadder songs that Paramore has written, "Franklin" has a distinct nostalgic and longing feel and theme to it, referencing a period of your life that you thoroughly enjoyed but it's over now. Ironically, I find this song to be the album's heart, even though the song after it on the track list is called "My Heart".

Memorable lyrics: /Cause you remind me of a time when we were so alive/ Do you remember that?/

2. "Fences" -- Riot (2007)

"Riot" is the album in which Paramore fully realized their potential for fame. Honestly, this album was way before its time and continues to be a classic album on Fueled By Ramen's back catalog. "Fences" represents everything musically, lyrically and compilation wise that Paramore is known for now -- catchy bridges and delicious baselines.

The beautiful thing about this song is there are many ways to interpret it -- but the most common idea that fans have is just about how the life of a celebrity is. Always being followed by the paparazzi, never having a moment to yourself and always putting on a facade. But for me, I feel as though that applies to a lot of people, not just celebrities -- which makes this song so good.

Memorable lyrics: /It's obvious that you're dying, dying/ Just living proof that the cameras lying/

3. "Where The Lines Overlap -- Brand New Eyes (2009)

Following the longest two years of my life waiting for this album, many jams like "Brick By Boring Brick" and "Ignorance" pepper this fierce and dominant album . But smashed in the middle is "Where The Lines Overlap", a sappy and cute song that talks about their success and how there is still much more to go for the band and how Williams' has "never been happier".

Happy is a good way to describe this song and getting used to being happy when, well, you just haven't been. I feel as though that is a very relatable emotion for many teens and adults alike and is notably an anthem for the great unhappy public.

Memorable lyrics: / No one is as lucky as us/ We're not at the end but oh we've already won/

4. "In The Mourning" -- Singles Club EP (2011)

One could say that the songs on this EP are highly underrated on their own. Sandwiched between two major releases, these songs were like a taste of what was to come in their self-titled album two years later. "In The Mourning", truly, is the most out of place song on the album. But, beautifully out of place it is. Pulling direct influence from "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac, "In The Mourning" has a distinct country-esque feel to it.

With the theme of losing a loved one or someone close to you, "In The Mourning" is a folk-country venture that truly proved that Paramore can do nothing wrong and could probably release an entire country album and I would probably love it.

Memorable lyrics: / You were the greatest thing/ Now you're just a memory/ To let go of/

5. "Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore" -- Paramore (2013)

The absolute shortest song on this list, but one of the best ones, which makes its length rather unfortunate. The lyrics to "Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore" directly says that this song is syrupy-sweet, which is a great way to describe it. You can literally HEAR Williams' smile in this song which allows you to truly believe the lyrics.

The happy sounding lyrics, vocals and the ukelele just make this song one of the shortest, best underrated songs in Paramore's discography. IF ONLY IT WAS LONGER!

Memorable lyrics: /I rot your teeth down to their core/ If I'm really happy/

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