I love the Christmas radio stations just as much as the next person, and nothing gets me in the spirit quite like a good jam sesh to Sirius XM’s Holly throughout the season. But I can only listen to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” so many times. Don’t get me wrong—they’re pop classics. However, I have a little list of my own classics, and Christmas songs that I see as completely underrated during Christmastime. Check out the Spotify playlist with all of these and more below!

5. Blue Christmas (Cover) – The Lumineers

I’ll start off with an underrated cover, considering covers of Christmas classics play just as often as the originals on the radio. The Lumineers did a great cover of “Blue Christmas” that goes horribly unnoticed!

4. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

I’ll admit that the first time I heard this song was when the Drake and Josh Christmas special came out. So it always surprises me when people aren’t familiar with this song. The catchy melody always makes me dance and it’s such a fun and happy song overall.

3. This Christmas (Cover) – The Summer Set

Don’t be distressed by the fact that this comes off of the “Punk Goes Christmas” album. It is as far from angry and stereotypical “punk” as you can get. This is another one of my favorite songs covered by one of my favorite bands and always gets me dancing!

2. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - *NSYNC

I’ll forever question why this iconic song is so underappreciated. *NSYNC and Christmas—what more could you want? Nothing. Exactly. Appreciation for ‘90s boy bands and holidays is requested.

  1. Ho Ho Hopefully – The Maine

The Maine should also fall under the list of “Wildly Underappreciated Bands,” but that’s a list for another time. There is nothing more frustrating than the fact that practically no one is familiar with one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. In 2008, The Maine released their Christmas EP entitled “…And A Happy New Year” with “Ho Ho Hopefully” as the opening song. Give it a listen and you’ll understand the insuppressible love that I have for this song.