Everyone needs a vacation from time to time... but getting to your desired destination isn't always easy. Between the long lines, security checks, and some not-so friendly passengers, flying can be very stressful. Here are some of the characters you have probably encountered on a flight!

1. "The First Class First-Timer"

These are the people who got just enough points to upgrade to first class. Because they usually fly coach, (like the rest of us) they take advantage of all the first class amenities. They'll probably order a glass of wine as soon as the plane takes off, and will call over flight attendants for assistance just for the hell of it.

2. "The Over-Packer"

These are the worst type of people. They are the people who refuse to check their bags, end up shoving everything into the overhead compartments, and hold up the entire plane from boarding. If you are one of these people... please check a bag once in a while!!!

3. "The Bathroom Fanatic"

This person has to go to the bathroom at least every 30 minutes. Unfortunately, they probably got the window seat and have to uncomfortably squeeze past you... safe to say you'll get pretty close to your fellow passengers!

4. "The Disney Family"

This is the family that wears those cheesy matching t-shirts on their vacation, usually for someone's birthday, wedding, or anniversary. They travel in large packs, take up half of the plane, and are way too happy to be going on vacation together.

5. "The Panicked One"

You do not want to sit next to this person. He or she will freak out at any amount of turbulence, and is in constant fear that the plane is going to crash and burn. You'll probably need to a drink or two after sitting with them.