5 Traditions You Should Still Do In College

When you go to college you're supposed to become an adult, right? Yes, but at what cost? Sure you should become more reasonable and responsible, but that shouldn't disclude the things that are considered "childish". Here is a list of some traditions you should NEVER give up while in college.

1. Trick-or-treating

With Halloween coming up, this one was bound to be on the list. Grab some some people and go out to whatever Halloween bash is going on! You're NEVER to old for free candy.

2. Themed cookies

Maybe this is just a me thing, but every year, on multiple holidays, Pillsbury comes out with their special holiday cookies. For some reason these cookies are THE BOMB! Make sure to grab a few close friends (because you're not going to share those amazing cookies with just anyone) and bake them in the nearest oven! And yes, it is normal to eat them all in one sitting.

3. Cinnamon rolls

Maybe I just really have a thing with food and holidays...okay I DO have a thing with food and holidays, but baking cinnamon rolls in the winter is a great way to get the whole family together. Even though you'll most likely be home for the winter holidays, get your #squad together before you all leave and spend time away from each other. You'll be #squadgoals #5ever! I had to add the puns... #SorryNotSorry

4. Random dance parties

This can be a GREAT stress reliever! It's fun when you get to be silly and forget about life for a few moments. You can either reunite #squad, or you can invite your least judgmental friend over so you two can dance all of midterms away.

5. Petting puppies

This one is pretty much something nobody would ever give up because DOGS! BECAUSE...DOGS! They're adorable, awesome, and fluffy. Just be careful though, with the fluff can sometimes come allergies. I wouldn't suggest inviting multiple people with you for the sole reason of DOGS! What I meant to say was, for the sole reason of being completely selfish and keeping all the fluffy puppies to yourself. Just don't dognap. Ever.

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