Finals week takes the stress of college to an entirely new level. While it admittedly wasn't terrible for me this semester, it was no piece of cake either. Here are five moments that served as painful reminders of finals week.

1. I tried swiping in the wrong dorm room

I don't live in room 850, but my exhausted brain thought that I did. Yikes.

2. I took breaks by "playing" Quizlet

There's nothing like some quality flashcard fun!

3. Power naps got me through the week

Replacing sound sleep with naps is always the way to go, right?

4. I went to lots of club meetings.

I love all the organizations that I'm in, but going to end-of-the-year celebrations every day while I should have been studying probably wasn't the best use of time.

5. I counted down the days until summer.

Summer break is here in!