5 Times Gotham Broke My Heart Season 2 Edition

Season 2 of Gotham Broke my heart in many ways just like season one did. In fact, I believe there continues to be more and more heart break as the seasons progress. Some heart break comes from sad moments while others are the tugging of the heart strings by the evolving character or new discoveries. In season 2, you are filled with deaths of those who are loved ones to main characters, the introduction to ideas and personas of beloved Batman villains and event that make you wonder what deep secrets the city of Gotham holds.

Here is just 5 of the times Gotham broke my heart during season 2.

1. We met Jerome Valeska.

Jerome Valeska is part of the 'Maniax' that Theo Galavan and his sister broke out of prison. Jerome becomes the leader of the group. The reason being introduced to him broke my heart is because of his insane characteristics and mad personality traits. They resemble none other than Mr. J himself. As a fan of Joker, Jerome plays the part well, acting insane and mimicking the laugh we all have come to love.

2. The death of Copplepot's mother

When Gertrud Kapelput was murdered by Theo and Tabitha Galavan, it broke my heart probably more than it should have, especially because her son Oswald Copplepot (The Penguin) was there watching it. Though the relationship between the two was strange at times, it hurt watching Oswald watch his mother die because really the two depended on each other. Gertrud knew some of the things her son has done, she still believed he was a "good boy" and that alone sent me in tears.

3. Mr. Freeze and Nora's death

Following the death of Theo Galavan, a man begins to kidnap and kill people by freezing them. His name is Victor Fries or Mr. Freeze. He is doing so because he wants to find the correct cryogenic formula to be able to freeze his terminally ill wife, Nora until a cure can be found for her disease. In attempts to keep her alive, he has killed pharmacists that lead the GCPD to him and Nora. In attempts to lure Victor to the GCPD, they arrest Nora and hold her in Arkham hospital. Breaking Nora out, Victor brings her home in hopes to freeze her. While Victor was taking care of something upstairs Nora switches the formula on purpose while she is in his laboratory. Victor attempts to freeze her, killing her instead. This broke my heart because Nora blamed herself for all the killing that Victor has done.

4. Gordon is in prison and Lee loses the baby.

Detective James Gordon was arrested for the murder of another officer though he did not commit the crime. When Lee visits him, he tells her to leave those that's the woman he loved and was going to have a child with. He even proposed to her. But as Lee's visits stop happening, Bullock informed Gordon him that Lee lost the baby and left town. After being involved in several prison fights, Bullock and an officer at the prison helps Gordon escape, faking his death to help clear his name and more importantly find Lee.

5. Fish Mooney is back and escapes with bus full of monsters.

Well first of all, the fact that Fish Mooney is back stopped my heart. But she has powers now because of Dr. Strange and Peabody. She controls Peabody which allows her to escape, but not after she hijacks the bus that was going to transport and relocate all of Strange's creations. But honestly the most heart breaking part of this was how they ended the season with a little frail, old homeless woman opening the door of the bus, a releasing the monsters. It broke my heart because I had to wait months to find out what happened next.

Gotham is a fantastic series with incredible characters, storylines, and insane plot twists. But nothing can truly prepare you for the heart break it causes watching every episode carefully and cautiously. Season 2 tore my heart apart more than season one did. So that's what I can only except from season 3 as well. Between characters reappearing and watching Bruce Wayne grow into who we will see as Batman, I can't wait for the seasons to come and break my heart with each and every episode.

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