We all, as college students, know that teachers conspire together within your university to completely and utterly ruin your life for a five-day span and give you a test in almost every single one, if not every single one of your courses. That week for me was this past week, and I could not help but document some of my thoughts throughout these 120 hours. I decided to share these publicly despite how it may reflect on myself to (hopefully) realize I am not the only one out there with these thoughts in my head.

1. "Maybe I should have retweeted that sugar daddy's tweet"

Y'all know exactly what I am talking about. You girls out there who did retweet them, how'd it go for you? Y'all get any money??

2. *Looks up 'How to become rich from Instagram'*

Then looks at own account and realizes you only have 2,000 something followers and a half assed theme..

3. "Maybe I just need a quick study break"

Which sometimes consists of me making a list, and that list consists of things as simple as "Walk up the stairs" "Close your curtains." But most of the time it usually just turns into you somehow watching YouTube videos for five hours.

4. "Strippers doooo make good money..."

But then you think about how big of a disappointment you would be to your family. Just kidding! What you really think about is who the heck would pay money to see this body?? HA!

5. and finally ... "My name is ____, this sh*t is for the birds!"

This is when you finally realize this is not the hardest thing you will ever have to do, and to put it bluntly you have to get through this to move on with your life. You start to empower yourself and get on your grind. *Giant by Calvin Harris plays in your head as a theme song*

We all have tough weeks, but I promise you can get through it just like the rest of us. And just remember, as a college girl, we have ALL contemplated dropping out and becoming a stripper at least once!