5 Thoughts You Have After Being Accepted To Your Dream College

5 Thoughts You Have After Being Accepted To Your Dream College

Despite how stressful the "college process" is, there’s no denying how great it feels being accepted to your dream college.

You remember applying to colleges, right? The mountains of paperwork, the unnecessary college admittance essays you have to submit and the grueling agony of waiting months on end to just get the oh-so-desired response of "Congratulations! You've been accepted to..." Yet despite all of these stressful characteristics of the "college process", there’s no denying how great it feels being accepted to your dream college. I’ve recently been accepted to my dream college, and as I was bawling my eyes out for an hour and a half after I read my acceptance online, I had five thoughts that I’m sure others can relate to after being accepted to a great college.

1. “Oh My God! Are you kidding?”

Disbelief of your acceptance is probably a common reaction to something major like getting accepted to a school.

2. “WTF? Holy [Insert Your Favorite Expletive Here]”

I don’t know about you, but I curse like a freaking sailor. (Don’t believe me? Ask my friends!) To me, it’s just natural to curse. And you can bet the entirety of my student loan debts that I sure as hell will think every curse word in existence when my dream school hits me up and is all like, “Hey gurl, you in (*winks*).”

3. “Uh oh, how am I paying for this college?”

Speaking of student loan debts… yeah, they exist. Not the greatest thought in the world to think about, but hey, it’s a necessary evil. It’s just like when you have to think about doing your taxes, or cleaning your room, or accidentally reading spoilers to Avengers: Infinity Wars, it’s just a necessary evil, man.

4. “Oh crap, who should I tell first?”

No joke: I did an Instagram Live when I was checking the application status of my dream school. And before you ask me “Why?”, it’s just because I’m that extra fam. Anyways, you have to admit that when you receive good news, it’s hard to pick who you should tell first. Do you tell your friends? Family? Your pet goldfish? Who’s your first victim?

And of course, which social media platform do you post to first? In my case, I wanted people to see my legitimate first reaction to getting accepted, which is why I did an Instagram Live. Or hey, if you wanna go old fashioned, Facebook is always there to rack up them likes.

5. “I did it, Mom!”

Having pride in oneself can either be frequent or infrequent, depending on what levels of success you achieve in your life. Society tells us to proud of our success, but just not too much to the point where you sound like a dick bragging about all the great achievements you’ve had. And trust me when I say you don’t have be humble when celebrating your success either. As long as you acknowledge that success should be celebrated with people who have helped you become successful, then you’re good.

When I was accepted into my dream college, I knew that I couldn’t have gotten to that point without the support and sacrifices of my mom. Now of course, you don’t have to necessarily think about one particular person, but just know that success is not achieved alone and that success - such as that of getting into your dream college - definitely should not be ignored.

Cover Image Credit: Photo By Rylan Good

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Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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