There are so many people who are writing these 50+ item lists about all of the things you will definitely need for college, and I can tell you from experience that some of these things are a complete waste of money and time.

Hot water kettle

odds are that you are also bringing a keurig compact or something, but all these lists say that having a electric kettle is quick and convenient. It's not. Its messy (boil overs) and dangerous (also boil overs) and ends up in the give away pile in the first week.

unless you are drinking MASS amounts of tea then you don't actually need a kettle.

Decorative pillows

Although these cute and matchy-matchy pillows are so adorable for the Instagram picture, they will drive you insane and always be in your way. You're on the couch? there's a throw pillow, hallway? throw pillow, bed? none to be found because they are uncomfortable and impracticable to sleep with.

Large mini-fridges

unless you are someone who refrigerates a whole bag of water, three sodas and everything else in sight then you wont need the XXL mini-fridges.

as someone who went for the mega mini-fridge and it sat empty all year but took up so much space in my room i can tell you with certainty that unless you are a dorm-chef you don't need so much fridge.

3+ towel sets 

I am someone who loves a good towel or two, but i have learned that you don't need multiple sets of towels. The sets will do you no good in college, as you will rarely want to do your laundry. The more that you have the more that you lose.

3,000 bathroom products

All of the lists say to bring all of your bathroom stuff, shampoo, conditioner, masks, makeup, etc and you don't need to. Buy them as you need them or else your entire bathroom will be filled by one person and all these things take up so much space.

College for many people is the first time that they are on their own, and it is scary, so hopefully this list of what not to bother with has helped.

good luck!