5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me My Freshman Year Of College

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me My Freshman Year Of College

Would I have listened? Probably not...

Hartwick College

I remember, well actually I don't remember much, the first week of college; bags unpacked, parties attended, people met, ramen eaten: check.

"Welcome Weekend" flew by, the upper-classmen guiding us around campus, and taking us to lunch everyday ended, and suddenly we were on our own.

What now...?

A lot happens that first week of college; you oversleep because an 8am in college is different than it is in high school, you forget to do your first assignment because your roommate wanted sushi, and you suddenly feel very, very unprepared. So below, are five things I wish I knew before my parents dropped me off, and the classes started.

1. It's totally okay to feel lost.

I wish that everyone vocalized how confused and lost they felt that first few weeks, (lol, or years amirite?) because it would have made the adjustment sooooo much easier knowing I wasn't the only one crying in the shower because I wanted a hug from my mom.

2. It's not okay to skip "First Year Bonding".

I also wish someone would have told me that every event, no matter how lame it seemed, was a way to make the fastest friends. I mean, what else kind of bonding would you prefer over an awkward 'carnival' with administrators trying to be your friend?

Chances are the "Cool Kids" who skipped it had to re-make friends a few weeks later because they didn't get a chance to meet many people.

3. It's okay to NOT buy your books until after the first week.

Those pestering "Don't Forget Your Textbooks" emails HAUNTED my dreams for weeks before I even showed up for classes- and I wish I had known that the 600$ I spent on books, 1) could have been rented off campus for cheaper, and 2) wasn't always necessary because my professors might NOT EVEN USE THEM (I'm not bitter...).

4. It's okay to spend some alone time.

I remember CRAMMING my schedule full those first few weeks: Wake up early, eat breakfast with floor-mates, go to class, go to next class, eat lunch with girl from class, go to the football game, eat dinner with floor-mates, have a movie night with floor-mates,talk with floor-mates sleep.

I was DEAD after two weeks of being about people all the time; I loved my roommate and wanted to spend time together, but DEAR LORD, it's nice to have some peace and quit.

P.S- Get a mini fridge, so you don't always have to go to the dining hall when everyone else is going. #SnacksSaveLives

5. Stay Hydrated and Well Fed.

Simple right? But not.

When you have the freedom of the dining hall, and fountain drinks and pizza are always accessible; you'll start to feel disgusting if you don't make the right choices.

Carry around a water bottle, and for-go the soda.

Make a sandwich or a salad before you grab a greasy slice of frozen pizza.

After four years, and MANY lessons learned and mistakes made-- I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

College is scary, yes; but it is also the most rewarding years of your life (so far).

You learn who you are, and you change to the person you're meant to be... but only if you give it a shot. It's not easy, and it never will be, so you have to try.

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