5 Things To Not To Do During Finals

5 Things To Not To Do During Finals

Don't do these things unless you wanna fail finals. Or, if that's your plan, then do these things!


Finals week is coming up, so it's time to hunker down and try not to have panic attacks that last the entire week. Here are some things not to do during finals.

1. Don't Watch Netflix for Hours

Not a good idea. It's okay to reward yourself wait a couple episodes of your favorite show, but try not to start a new show because you're going to end up binging the whole season instead of studying.

2. Don't Study With People Who Will Distract You

Studying with other people can be great and help you remember things you've forgotten. However, if you have a friend you know will get you off track, don't study with them. One minute you're studying neurotransmitters, the next you're arguing who would win in a fight, Nightwing or Red Hood (for the record, I say Nightwing, but I'm biased).

3. Don't Study the Night Before

Some people can do this and do it pretty well. However, studying the night before doesn't help unless you're really good at memorization. Study over the course of the week for a few hours at a time. It makes a big difference.

4. Don't Party

Seriously, just don't. Party after finals are over. You don't wanna be hungover for your final.

5. Don't Panic

Breath--it's almost over. Take deep breaths, pet some of those therapy dogs the college brings in, and head over to counseling for your anxiety and stress. You can get through this.

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