Ah, Valentine's day. It's the most wonderful, love filled time of the year for people in relationships, and the worst for those who aren't. It's a day seemingly set aside to point out the lack of love in your life and how perfect everyone else' relationships are! (which they really aren't) So if you're feeling lonely on this ridiculous holiday, I've got some ideas for how to spend it.

1. Go See a Movie or a Play

Take a group of friends and go see something or stay home and binge! There are a lot of Oscar-nominated movies still in theatres, and lots of good movies available on Redbox and Netflix right now. Or, go see a play. I'm super excited because I'm going to see Chicago with some friends from the theatre department. Going out with a group of friends is a great way to turn the annoyance of being single on valentine's day into a fun night. The best Valentine's day I've ever had was when a bunch of single people got together at a friend's house to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I Definitely recommend the film if you need a good laugh.

2. Have Your Own Galentines Day

Because female friendship is important. Pull a Leslie Knope, get your gal pals together, and celebrate the beauty of lady friends. Sisters before misters. (Yes, this may technically be on the 13th in the show, but why not hang together on valentines and ignore the mushy stuff?)

3. Take A Break From Social Media

You've heard of social media cleanses before. Valentine's day seems like the perfect time to try it. You can ignore all of the drama online, and just get on with your day without being bombarded by annoying status updates and photos of happy couples.

4. Sleep

If you're single, maybe you don't have any plans for the day or evening. If that sounds like you, then today would be a great day to catch up on some much-needed beauty rest. Take a nap, go to bed early, sleep in, ignore the fact that it's valentine's day, and get some well-deserved rest.

5. Read A Good Book

If you really need to escape, or just love to read like I do, then this is a great option. Once you get into a good book, you can't stop reading, and then bam! The day's already over and you got to live in a different world away from drama and couples. If you need suggestions, I recommend The Hobbit, The Inheritance Cycle novels, or an Agatha Christie mystery.

If none of these end up working out, hey at least there's a bunch of cheap candy tomorrow...

Happy Valentine's day to everyone in a relationship, and to everyone else, have a great Wednesday.