Most everyone has their own personal Bucket List full of fanciful hopes, wishes and aspirations. People dream of crossing of each item -- skydiving, traveling to all seven continents, scuba diving, etc. But how many of these things do people actually end up achieving and marking of their long and hopeful lists?

Here is my list of five things most anyone can actually achieve and do and that I believe everyone should try before they die.

1. Watch the sunrise.

Even if it means waking up at 6:00am and dragging your sleepy self out of bed, I promise, it's worth it. Find a nice view spot (and don't forget to face east) and sit and watch the world wake up. It is such a quiet and peaceful moment to experience when hardly anyone is awake and the streets are quiet.

2. Learn how to cook one dish really well.

Though I am not much of a cook myself and am still working on this one, learning one dish and learning how to make it well is valuable. Find a family recipe that has been passed down through generations, look in a cookbook and practice making the dish until you know it like the back of your hand. It can be something you continue to pass down, something you can make for a date night or just something homemade you can enjoy with friends and family.

3. Travel to another country.

We all have that place outside of our home we've always dreamed of going. Take the next step. Plan a time, pick a place to stay, look up things to do and buy a plane ticket. Make it happen! Traveling to another country and experiencing another culture and a new environment is invaluable. Traveling is an opportunity for growth and a chance to step outside of your comfort zone. Plus, the memories will last you a lifetime.

4. Go 24 hours without your phone or social media.

With everyone having their phones glued to their hands these days, it's nice to take the time to disconnect. Spend a day actually going out and experiencing things for what they are and leave your phone behind. Resist the urge to take it along to take photos, send a video or text your friend about it. All of that can wait. I promise you that living the moment and taking it all in will be much more potent.

5. Actually, do the number one thing on your list.

Pull out your Bucket List or simply create one and reflect on the number one thing you want to do or achieve at this time. Then take the necessary steps to cross it off your list. People spend so much time talking about what they want to do, places they want to see and much less time actually going out and doing them. Take time to plan and do it and cross off something you've been meaning to do.