5 Things That Only Happen In College

5 Things That Only Happen In College

College is a weird place, but you know you love it.


Your time in college is a time unlike any other that you have or will experience in your life. You're kind of an adult, but you're not really considered an adult yet. You kind of have responsibilities, but not really. It's weird. It's confusing. It's hard. It's exhausting. But more than anything, it's so much fun. And needless to say, there are definitely a lot of things that only happen in college.

Here are a few.

1. Getting milkshakes in the middle of the night With people you don't really know

This is especially common at the beginning of freshman year. One time my roommate and I got milkshakes at 1 a.m. with two people we had just met that night. We're still friends with one of them, but we've never talked to the other person since that night.

2. Staying up all night to write a paper

In high school, you probably had your mom on your back all the time keeping you from procrastinating until the very last minute, but in college, that's not the case. And to be honest, you kind of wish your mom was there to bug you about that paper so you wouldn't end up falling asleep with your laptop in your lap and still wearing your glasses.

3. Crying every time you see a dog on campus

Okay. Let's be real. Everybody cries a little when they see a dog, whether they're in college or not, but when you're in college, you don't necessarily get to see a dog every day. Plus, you have to live with the sadness of knowing you're not allowed to have a dog in your dorm.

4. Making friends really quickly

It's so funny. You meet someone, really like them, and then, suddenly, it's two months later and you realize you spend every free moment you have with them. But you love it (and them) so much.

5. Being in a coffee shop more than your dorm

Let's be real. Your dorm is just for sleeping. You're never actually there.

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