Honestly, girls probably don't friend-zone guys. But guys friend-zone themselves. I think it's honestly hysterical how (*cough* guys) get friend-zoned. the friend-zone is a funny place to be and if you're constantly showering them with compliments, asking them to hang out every day, finding excuses to talk to them if they don't answer your texts, stop it. You are most likely annoying them.

They probably still talk to you though, because people love attention and will keep you around. But if you are way too available and ready for them like that, there is no chase. No challenge. So you will most likely not be rewarding enough to date in their eyes. You aren't giving them enough room for the other person to fall for you.

1. You're trying too hard.

A relationship has to be equal giving and equal taking. If you are just pouring yourself onto someone, how are they supposed to catch true feelings? They're just going to think you're obsessing over them and they won't find anything interesting about you other than you are obsessed with them.

2. You're too comfortable from the very beginning.

Ya gotta make yourself attractive to the other person, period. Wait until you're actually in a serious relationship to show them your true grossness. You probably want them to think they can be comfortable around you, but if you aren't even sure they are all for you, don't do it. If you create this relationship to be as comfortable as a perfect set of friends from the very beginning, that will always be your dynamic within each other. You're trying to get their interest, aren't you?

3. You let them vent about other guys/girls to you.

If you become that best guy/girl friend, it's because you never made it clear that you have feelings for the other person (see #4 for more). You let them vent about their hookups, or people they are crushing on. You literally let them believe you are truly becoming one of their best friends. Next time they mention Annie or Brian, tell them "I really don't wanna hear about this" and get yourself out of becoming friend zoned.

4. You're not being clear on what the f*** you want.

If you are being way too casual and not direct, how the hell are they supposed to know you want them? You being too nice and too passive indicates that you don't get upset by them looking at you as just a friend. Act like you f***ing care. Let them know about your feelings and stop being so passive about it.

5. You're not showing affection.

The one thing that surpasses friends, is physical affection. Affection itself just means "a gentle feeling of fondness or liking", but throw the word physical affection and I think you understand where I am going. I take it as they're into me, and everything beyond this second I will be paying closer attention to. So get somewhere with it.

Let me know in the comments what else you think gets people friend-zoned!