5 Things That Being A Student And Working Teaches You
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Student Life

5 Things That Being A Student And Working Teaches You

Grace and Hustle.

5 Things That Being A Student And Working Teaches You

Being a student for any length of time, or amount can be so stressful, degrading at times, and purely exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. Some handle better than others; but no matter the fact, it is still extremely difficult. But even though it can be exhausting, it can also be rewarding in more ways than one. And here are the ways how;


You learn to be disciplined in ways unexplained. You have to learn to be punctual with assignments, and attendance amongst a billion of other things. You might know that friends are going out, but you have to study; so you choose to stay in and work your butt off.


You learn to respect yourself, and others because people with jobs have all gone through specific training, certifications, or even schooling which had them be in your shoes for a period of time. You respect what they did to get to where they are.


You appreciate the little things whether it is finally relaxing for 30 minutes before you go to study, the time on vacations because it feels like an eternity in between the ones you do get, and as silly as it sounds the time in the morning where you are getting ready; and it's you only you.


You learn that others depend on your loyalty as a friend, family member, employee, or classmate. If you are to not commit to the things that you signed up for it can affect others friends.

The Final One Is "Hard Work"

Your hard work truly does pay off, rather its getting that self-love present you've wanted for months, getting an A on that hard test, or affect just achieving a goal that you aimed amongst.

All of these things come within the experience of juggling a lot on your plate; it takes someone special to do what we do. So do not get down on yourself, you are doing; just keep on trucking because there is always a finish line to walked across.

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