5 Things To Thank Your Dog For
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Student Life

5 Things To Thank Your Dog For

Because They Are One Of The Best Friends To Have

5 Things To Thank Your Dog For

1. Being home 24/7

No matter what kind of day I am having it is nice to know I can look forward to seeing you when I come home. It is pretty awesome to have a best friend at home who greets you like you have been gone for centuries. A lot of times you make me leave my troubles at the door. I mean, how can I stay upset after being greeted by your beautiful, loving face?

2. Coming every time I call your name

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It is nice to know I can always count on you to answer me when I call.

3. Letting me talk to you even though you can’t talk back

Sometimes I just need to vent and not hear anyone else’s opinion. So thank you for being my buddy I can count on to just sit back and listen. Even though you can’t talk I feel like you always know exactly what to do.

4. Letting me pet and cuddle with you whenever I want

My mood brightens by 110% after petting you. Also, I love how we share this mutual cuddling bond. I’d say it’s a win-win for the both of us.

5. Never judging me

This is one of the things I want to thank you the most for. From the moment I step out of the house I feel like I am easily judged based my clothes, hair, weight, or the way I walk. A lot may just be in my head, but when I am around you none of my insecurities are on my mind. Thank you for being my best friend no matter what I wear or how I look.

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