There are two different types of people when it comes to how much or little excitement you get when the holiday season comes around. You're either the person who’s got the tree up the day after thanksgiving, watching ABC’s 25 days of christmas on the first day of December ; or you’re that person who is constantly saying “Christmas music? Already?”.Here are some things that christmas lovers will relate to a bunch!

  1. You're more than excited to be decorating the tree and putting up all of your favorite christmas decorations, all while listening to some christmas songs
  2. Everyday from christmas first until christmas you’re favorite thing to do is watch the christmas movies during the “25 Days of christmas” on ABC Family.
  3. You love all of the christmas music, and you sing it with pride during the winter season!
  4. You have at least one, if not two types of calendar countdowns. From chocolate calendars to digital countdowns on your phone!
  5. Christmas cookies is both your favorite activity and favorite snack during these times, along with some hot cocoa of course!