5 Things I Realized About Wedding Planning
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5 Things I Realized About Wedding Planning

He just cares that we are both finally reaching this step together and just wants me to be all his and vice versa. Plus food. There definitely needs to be some good food. ​

5 Things I Realized About Wedding Planning
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Everyday I wake up in my beautiful home and think that I am one day closer to marrying my best friend. Granted I need coffee before I can be chipper at 6:30am....

But for real, it seems that lately we have both come to realize that we more than ready to become husband and wife. Its something I always think about when I am driving to work and see the diamond ring on my finger. He makes me laugh, he makes me want to wake up in the morning and become a better person even all I want to do is just lay in bed and avoid my responsibilities and just read a book or make cookies. He's the reason that I want to plan this wedding. To show him off to everyone. To show those who doubted our relationship. Our friendship. And, most importantly, our genuine love. He has also made me realize a few things about wedding planning that makes it so enjoyable and that much easier to do without pulling my hair our. (Granted I haven't reached that point yet, so hopefully I can put off being Bridezilla totally)

1. He Doesn't Care...

Before you start coming to my rescue and start shaming him, what I mean is that he doesn't care about how lavish our wedding is. He doesn't care about all the different shades of purple and black there is, or is we have the one family member who is going to sit there and pick a part everything wrong with our wedding (Trust me, there is always going to be at least one). He just cares that we are both finally reaching this step together and just wants me to be all his and vice versa. Plus food. There definitely needs to be some good food.

2. Family is The Best Support System

My mom and sister have been the best so far...literally. Granted the wedding is a little ways away, I am trying to be Ms. Overachiever and get floral arrangements prepared, look for the right wedding invitations, get the colors for my bridesmaids and groomsmen matched, etc. I was running away with the wind, and my mom and sister had to grab me by the shirt collar and tell me to relax. Pretty soon I would be Bridezilla and I would chase everyone away. My whole family has been there to give me advice when others doubted our engagement at the beginning, losing friends because they didn't support our marriage, etc. Both of our parents saw that we were two dorks in love who didn't care what anyone else thought. As long as we were happy, they wanted us to be together.

3. The Priest is A Line of Defense

We both grew up Catholic, and I will be the first one to admit that I should be going to church more. Instead of being totally lazy on Sunday, I should thank the Lord everyday that I found a person that understands the most next to my mother. He is my best friend, and our priest has seen us laugh at the silliest stuff, and he always says that we were made for each other. When I was secretly worried about our engagement just because "friends" (using that term very loosely) that I was making the wrong choice and they were telling me what I should be doing, when in truth that specific person was only looking out for their best interest. My priest said in honesty that that person is selfish, and because I had happiness they were jealous. No matter what, there would be a small hint of doubt, but he said that he never saw two people more made for each other than we were. I was extremely stupid to even to doubt my fiance and myself. When in doubt, praying and talking it out with your priest, pastor from your congregation will always help you make the right choice for yourself and your spouse.

4. Breathe

Of course I am stressing about the small stuff! That's what women seem to be known for is overthinking these details because they want the perfect wedding. I will say this, that whether is rains on my wedding day, or your shoe heel breaks our there is rip in your wedding gown, you have back-up. Try not to sweat the small stuff, and I am mentally preparing myself for some things to go wrong. And it will be okay, because I need to breathe, enjoy the cake, and have a lot of laughs with everyone that came to celebrate our special day!

5. Nothing Should Else Should Matter

Honestly, even if we didn't have a budget for our wedding and all we could have is a wedding in the backyard with Chinese Takeout, I would still be still be thankful that I am marrying my best friend. The man that always cuddles me on my bad days, gets us pizza when I want to give up on the world and lock myself in my room, Drink with me on the weekends and spend a lazy day just driving around and listening to music. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have this man with me each and everyday. People can say what they want, and I realize that they are wrong. He makes me happy, I could only have him and still be the richest woman in the world. Well, as long as Pizza, Netflix and Music is along for the ride I think we will survive.

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