5 Things I Didn't Realize Until College

Nearly a year ago, I was counting down the days until graduation. I thought graduating high school automatically was going to make me grown and that I would have all the answers to life.

I thought being on my own, out in the real world, was going to be easy. I thought I had all the time management skills to be able to have a social life and to keep good grades in college. I thought I knew how to fit eating healthy and working out regularly into my schedule. The moral of the story was that I thought.

I wished away my innocence and all I had ever known so I could begin a new chapter. I had so many plans and ideas of what my life would be post high school graduation.

What I didn’t realize then was that there were so many misconceptions of what this new and exciting chapter entailed.

I have discovered over time that I was completely and utterly wrong.

With that said, I decided to compose a list of my top five misconceptions I’ve discovered since being in college. I know so many high school seniors are like I once was, yet, they are yet to face reality.

1. You can’t study the night before an exam and make an A

I mean sure, you can, and they may have worked in high school, yet, we’re in the big leagues now.

2. College most definitely is not all fun and games

College is truly anything but a breeze.

3. Time management is everything

College is a wonderful time to meet new people and get out and do. However, you have to realize the real reason why you’re there. Get your schoolwork done and then go play.

4. The Freshman 15 is real

The Freshman 15 is real and can happen if you let it. Don’t be lazy and begin some type of workout regimen ASAP. You think that eating Chick-fil-a for every meal won’t eventually add up, but boy you’re wrong.

5. If you think this is going to be high school and everyone dresses up every day, you're wrong

Sleep is always the answer. And so are oversized t-shirts and leggings. No makeup? No problem. Literally no one is going to judge you.

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