Leaving home and living in dorms means a lot to a college student, mostly that this is the first time away from their parents and having freedom of their own. Here are a few things to consider while getting used to that freedom.

1. Dye your hair funky colors

Whether it be cotton candy blue or fiery red, find a color that suits you. If you don't like it, you can always get your original hair color back, so don't worry about finding a new look.

2. Get a tattoo

While a little more permanent, it's okay to get a nice picture tattooed on you. Small or big, it can be something that represents you at this moment in time. And people always say, “Only get a tattoo if it's means something to you.” I say, get whatever you want. It could be a cross or Naruto; either way, it is your body and do what you want.

3. Get a piercing

A slightly less painful, permanent experience, a piercing can be a step into doing what you want with your independence. It's small enough to go unnoticed, but significant enough to say that you did what you wanted to do just for yourself.

4. Go out with your friends

Have a fun time with your friends. Go out to a club or just hang around their house in your pjs watching TV. Spending time with friends is one of the best things to do with your freedom because you are building relationships with wonderful people around you.

5. Experience new things, travel, and find out who you are

It's okay not to know who you are right now, but find new things to experience so one day you will know. Travelling opens you up to new ideas, people, and situations you never would have thought of before.