While abroad is amazing, FOMO is definitely still a thing, especially when it comes to missing school. It is difficult missing the fall when there are so many wonderful things happening on campus and you have to watch your friends do them without you. So in honor of Villanova, here are five things I miss about being on campus.

1. The church

Obviously this is a given. I miss church pictures, seeing the church at sunset, or even just walking by it and admiring its beauty.

2. The food 

I never thought I'd miss this but sometimes I just really crave a chicken finger wrap with hot sauce and blue cheese dressing from Belle Air and you can't find that abroad. So yes, I miss the food.

3. Hoops Mania

This is super specific but missing Hoops Mania in the new pavilion was so sad.

4. Living in the same building as all my friends

It is hard going from next door to across the ocean from all of your friends.

5. The quad

Still not over moving out of the quad. #RIP